From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Genevieve (Celine) - November 1, 1928

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Genevieve (Celine) - November 1st 1928

1st November 1928

Darling little Céline,

I can see that you desire little Léonie to send you your very own letter. So here I am.

Sweet tears came to my eyes as I read the dear letter from our little Mamma. It’s a foretaste of paradise to know we are so loved and understood in this valley of tears. Such affection certainly eases all suffering.

I’m still unable to walk because the wounds haven’t healed yet. I must be patient, because at the age of 65, you don’t recover as quickly as you do at 20. Soon, I hope, I’ll be able to put up with slippers and then, with the help of some charitable arms, I’ll be able to take a few steps. I’ve offered up all my sufferings in the hope that you’ll be delivered from your trials. This matter concerning the reliquary you gave to Bayeux is just one example of the many things you’ve had to put up with.

We had a visit from our new Bishop (Mgr Suhard) and he is like a second St Francis de Sales. He entered the monastery to the Community singing the Benedictus. Our cloisters and hall were magnificently decorated. He gave the kindest of speeches and he promised us that every year he would be with us on 29thJanuary to celebrate our Holy Founder. His Excellency was very kind to me. Speaking about Thérèse, he said to me when he saw me in this wheelchair, “What? Are these the roses she gives you?”

How happy I am to possess this little cross enriched with such great indulgences. I would very much like one for my dear nurse in recognition of all the good care she has given me. She’s a real doting mother and is doing her best to relieve me.

I’m sending you my retreat resolutions. Kindly send them back when you have an opportunity.