From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Genevieve (Celine) - August 6, 1930

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Genevieve (Celine) - August 6th 1930

6th August 1930

Darling little Céline,

It’s always with renewed joy that I come and throw myself into your arms each year to wish you a very happy and very holy feast day, beloved little sister. Jesus alone can tell you how much I love you, which is why I like taking Communion for you.

We, too, see only Jesus in all that takes place in this sad exile. He derives pleasure from striking us hard to detach souls from everything that is outside of Him or purely for Him.

Our new chaplain will arrive next week. People talk very highly of him; he’s a doctor in theology and a priest of the St Francis de Sales Society. But I sorely miss the one we have just lost. He was so kind and devoted to me! I can in all truth compare him with our dear father Pichon. Help me with your prayers, little sisters. I’m sad as a result of this difficult change. I long for eternal beatitude.  

Believe it or not, little Céline, my sixty-seven year old eyes still let me embroider altar cloths, corporals, purificatoriums etc. . . . I have glasses, of course, but they are not very strong. It’s quite marvelous really. I’m pleased to be able to work directly for God.

Would you, when you have the opportunity, send me a copy of the portrait of Thérèse at the age of three on an album card? I like the portrait so very much. Thank you in advance because I know it will be ayes- it's as though I have it already.

I will leave you, though I never really leave you because all four of us are fused into one with Thérèse in the Heart of Jesus, our Everything.