From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – June 1914

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – June 1914

Feast of the Sacred Heart 1914 [June]

Beloved little sister,

Your feast day is particularly special this year due to the glorification of our amicable “great little saint”. If only you knew how grateful I am to you for having kept me up to date with everything involving her Process. Your devotion touches me beyond words.

You see, I am still so moved by the news that the much anticipated Cause is being introduced that I feel it would be impossible for me to see the glory of the Beatification here below. It would be so far beyond my strength that I hope Jesus will take me to heaven so that I can see it with Him.

I find it hard to believe that all four of us will see our darling little sister raised to the altars, and if one of us is to go, it should be me by right, for I’m not good for anything.

The more I see our Angel glorified, the more I feel the need to withdraw. It pains me to be in company because I feel so pressed to be alone with Jesus, so as to savour my happiness by His side. Only there do I rejoice and feel at peace.

Is the Process going to be dealt with during the holidays? I saw Francis and Jeanne when they came for the 1stCommunion of the Maudelonde’s child. They spoke about the Cause very amicably; I can tell they are convinced that the Process will be taken care of very quickly. – I was sorry to see that dear Francis has aged considerably, and is very tired. If he went before Jeanne, I wouldn’t be surprised. I dread it happening for her sake, because the poor little one would die of a broken heart.

In any case, life on earth consists of nothing but pain and separation. This is fortunate in a sense, because otherwise we would make our homes here and forget the Heavenly Homeland. But there’s no fear of us, Jesus’ Brides, doing that, because we’re looking forward to rejoicing in our Beloved and seeing Him face to face.