From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – June 16, 1927

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – June 16th 1927

16th June 1927

My darling eldest sister,

I’m taking advantage of Miss Violet’s trip to send you my best wishes for a happy feast day. I’m a week too early, but no matter! In such circumstances I’m always eager to sing my little sisters the eternal tune “I love you”. Jesus, the sweet link between our hearts, will say this infinitely better than me in the Communion I will take for you. He is all my wealth. Without Him, I can’t settle the countless debts I owe to the beloved little Carmel that spoils me so much.

The night preceding the Feast of the Sacred Heart, there will be a night of nocturnal adoration for young Catholics from across the whole town as well as a midnight Mass. Here’s a fine job for your little No. 2 sacristan. You see, our dearest Mother saw fit to keep me at this post. My strength is dwindling very considerably, and I hope and intend to put every last ounce of it into this duty. However, our charitable Mother has me rest morning and evening. She makes sure I don’t grow too tired, and this touches me deeply.

We have a great shortage of Sisters. We need them for all ranks. Every day, five wheelchairs take five handicapped Sisters to Holy Mass and four to the Communion grille. Three of them are Lay Sisters. One of them, a 52 year old Sister who is full of energy, had a fall and is paralysed. Faced with such trials, you want to do your utmost to ease and lessen our beloved Mother’s worries. The improvement to her health has continued since our Thérèse was appointed as her nurse.

Her skin, which looked so ashen for months, has returned to its normal colour, and she forgets her walking stick. All this delights us and fills us with hope.

It was on Thursday 4th June 1863, on this ineffable feast of Eucharistic adoration, that I received holy Baptism.

I send my love to all three of you, and my indescribable affection. Ah, if I saw you again, I think I would die of happiness. But such joy is not for the valley of tears; let’s wait until heaven . . . .