From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Isidore Guerin – May 13, 1900

From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Isidore Guerin – May 13, 1900

13th May 1900

Dearest Uncle,

Our dear Mother wanted me to send you a telegram to tell you the good news immediately. My gratitude to our beloved Mother and the whole Community is indescribable. I’d like to be able to describe the joy and deep affection with which I was received. I knew I was well-loved here, but I didn’t imagine it was to such an extent.

Dear Uncle, I’m sure your joy is great too. I have known your fatherly affection for me for a long time.

You were once very worried about my future, especially as you didn’t believe I had a religious vocation. It is understandable, dear Uncle, after all that’s happened over the last thirteen years . . . . My God how I suffered! But I don’t regret it, as I appreciate and savour my happiness all the more now. Soon I’ll be able to call myself the Spouse of Jesus. Is that possible? I must be dreaming! But I’m not, it’s true, it’s an absolute certainty. I have reached port, what bliss! My holy Visitandine aunt’s prophecy has come true to the letter; I am and will be a little (oh yes, very little!) Visitandine for Eternity.

Thank you for your kind letter, dear Uncle. You will bring me immense pleasure by coming to my profession. It cannot take place before 1st July, and I ardently hope that the Bishop arranges it for the same day as the feast of the Visitation.

Now, in deep peace, I’m going to prepare for the greatest and most wonderful day of my life. I want to be adorned like my little Thérèse on the day of her own profession, so I’m praying very hard to her to help me.