From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Isidore Guerin – September 30, 1906

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Isidore Guerin – September 30th 1906

Sr Françoise-Thérèse Martin to her Uncle Mr Guérin

V + J! From our Monastery in Caen on 30th September 1906


Dearest Uncle,

I almost expected to see you during this last week of September; the weather has been so fine. You have no doubt not left Les Sorbiers yet. Are you all in reasonably good health? I heard your news through Auguste the Sacristan at the Carmel when he came to see me with his wife and little boy. The child is very sweet.

Ninette came to see us too. What do you make of her? She made a very good impression on us. She is more level-headed. She’ll always have that streak of originality that is particular to Americans, but she is very humble and she loves God so very much.

We’re waiting for a safe opportunity to return the book about the Holy Shroud to you. It’s so lovely! Dear Uncle, you are so good to have lent it to us. I ask you to forgive me for having kept it for so long. It’s my fault because I read everything you pointed out to us with keen interest, because that’s how you discover lots of things that you would otherwise miss. It’s so lovely! It’s so touching! You can really sense the divine in it. I can’t believe how perfectly Céline copied the divine Face; it’s admirable! This picture will work so many conversions; I’m delighted. Sweet Jesus is not known, and that is why He is not loved.

I really think I’ll go on our great annual retreat in about ten days’ time. Do pray for me dear Uncle, so that I might become a saint. I have just enough character for it according to our Mother (not her exact words). I don’t forget you in my poor prayers either, as you know. I love you so much! In that respect I won’t be outdone by our little Carmelites. All four of us vie in love and affection for the best of Uncles. Willingly, we say with our little Benjamin, “They don’t make papas like that anymore.” Our darling was so witty!

I’m in good health at the moment. Sometimes I feel weak, especially in the mornings. Our dear Mother is afraid of giving me treatments that are too strong and would exacerbate my eczema, which by the by is very healthy, so she begged me to ask our dear doctor what could fortify me without any negative side effects.

It was nine years ago today that our angel took flight and went to heaven. We will soon join our loved ones.

I send all three of you all my love.

Your little Visitandine

Sr Françoise-Thérèse