From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Marie Guerin (Sr Marie of the Eucharist) – August 14, 1904

From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her cousin Marie Guerin (Sr Marie of the Eucharist) – August 14th 1904

14th August 1904

Beloved little sister,

Jesus is still holding you to the cross of sickness, which is clear proof that He has chosen you as His little victim. Let me tell you that I can’t help but envy you. If I could take your pain, how quickly I would do so! More than anything, I desire to leave this exile. What’s more, I’m no good for anything, so it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

I’m very sure that Thérèse never leaves her little Marie. She is putting the finishing touches to the picture of Jesus in her soul and, when she has finished, she’ll carry you away to heaven with immense joy.

What can I wish for you, beloved little sister, other than Jesus’ ever increasing love? You are His cherished and privileged little victim, and once more I envy you. Tomorrow, the 15th, as soon as dawn breaks and her heart overflowing with affection, your little Visitandine sister will come running over to wish you a feast day full of love. In fact, I send you double wishes, for on the 22ndyou will be thirty years old, the perfect age. You can see that I don’t forget birthdays; they are all inscribed on my heart.

Now that I have accomplished my sweet duties, I want to amuse you a little at my expense. I am not bravery personified, as you know! Last week, I had two almost sleepless nights, and why? . . . because of a mouse. It was a pretty and elegant little thing with a pointy nose, and must have come into the cell through the window, I suppose, because the door is always closed to keep out other and even worse enemies (spiders). Also, for fear of being paid a visit from the latter, I’ll soon close even the window because their season is fast approaching (how bitter the thought!)

But let’s return to our little mouse. The first night, I was awoken by an enormous racket; everything in the room was leaping about. I was so afraid I didn’t dare move, so I said three Ave Marias! Morning couldn’t come quick enough for my liking. The following night, there was the same din. What’s more, I could hear it scurrying across the bolster. This time I seized my courage with both hands and went to fetch a lamp and it was a good thing I did, because I was able to witness my little raucous room-mate’s somersaults. At least I was able to stay calm and in bed, following all its movements with my eyes. It could clearly see me and looked as though it was taunting me. Truly, if it hadn’t been night-time, it would have been very entertaining. Finally, weary-eyed at 3:30, I opened the door and the annoying little thing escaped. Might it have fallen under the claws of the cat? So be it!

Was it you, little sister, who wrote the sermon for our beloved little Mother? It was with joy that I recognised your little handwriting.

Give my love to the much loved trio, who, with you, form but one in my heart and also the Heart of Jesus. He is our Everything, our King, and the centre of all our hearts.