From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 28, 1909

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 28th 1909

Little Mother and much-loved sister,

I’m spending tonight with one of our Sisters who is dying. She certainly won’t be going to heaven empty-handed; she’s a prayerful soul if ever there was one. One can, I think, without exaggerating, say that the Ave Marias that she has recited during her lifetime number in their millions.

I ardently desire news of your dear Mother (Mother Marie-Ange). I haven’t stopped praying insistently for a miracle. I have even been reciting the Laudate, as though the grace were already obtained, because it worked so well for our miraculously healed Sister.

Darling little sister, you have known for a long time that we have a monastery in England. It’s our place of refuge in case we are exiled. Until now we have always found a way to keep it running by either Augustinians from Orbec, who have been in exile for several years, or others. – In short, for us, the dreaded hour of separation has come. Six of our Sisters have just left, most of them probably for good. Our dear Procuratrix is one of them, but she will only be away for a few months, in order to organise everything. The enclosure has been established there. The monastery is an old college.

Such departures are so heart-breaking! You really have to experience them to have an idea of what they’re like, but God gives us superhuman power: without His help, they would be impossible to bear. In any case, it is comforting to think that Jesus will have one more tabernacle. The new hearth of love that is forming is capable of kindling a huge fire and bringing England, formally known as the Isle of Saints, back to faith.

Our beloved Mother has shown admirable courage and strength, and we meekly let ourselves follow in her wake. Will she one day send me to England too? I don’t know, I just don’t know; I surrender myself to her wishes. Our Mother knows that I have no other will but her own. I love the virtue of obedience more and more; it is the source of all my joy. In the meantime, in a few days’ time, I’m going to take my great annual retreat. I recommend myself to your prayers, little sisters, because I want to become a saint. One thought often comes to me and motivates me: “Let us not be half-hearted, we tread the land of saints.”