From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 21, 1912

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 21st 1912

From our Monastery in Caen, Feast of St Agnes 21st January 1912

Beloved little Mother,

I wish I was a little bird coming to you with outstretched wings to sing how much I love you. But since I’m not, I must content myself with this cold paper to convey to you on your feast day all my sisterly, and above all filial, affection for you. As a feast day bouquet, I can think of nothing better than to offer you Jesus by taking three Communions for you. I’ve already got a head start as I begun last Tuesday. Yes, may Jesus shower his beloved Lamb with affection and solaces. I ask Him this with all my might.

Darling little Mamma, I think we are little birds in a cage, imprisoned by Love and for Love, and that I need nothing else but Love. It holds me captive, preventing me from leaving it and flying to you to do hundreds of thousands of acts of kindness for you, as little birds do.

Beloved little Mother, I heard you had the flu. I beg of you, let yourself be nursed because I tremble at the thought of my three little sisters being ill like last year. Whatever you do, don’t hide anything from me, and tell me the whole truth, otherwise I won’t survive. Ah, I’d be so reassured and happy if I thought that my little Mother had someone by her side as devoted as our darling former Mother Prioress to pamper her. Listen to this example, which is one among many, to give you an idea of how kind she is. Following a leak in the roof after the great storms we had, the new cell was flooded and consequently I found the clothes were wet on the hangar. How am I supposed to put on the blouse if it’s damp? I risk catching a chill, I thought. So I went and knocked on our Mother’s door, and she gave me a hot water bottle she had to hand so that I could wrap the blouse around it, and advised me to put paper around me when I dressed to keep away the damp, before urging me to go back to bed. But what a surprise it was when, a few minutes later, I saw our dear Mother come into the cell with a little stone that she had just warmed in the kitchen oven and carefully wrap the blouse around it so that it was warm when I put it on. I was touched beyond words. Then our Revered Mother gave me a motherly kiss on the forehead. I’m moved to tears even now as I tell you about it.

Darling little Mother, it was so generous of you to send me more earth from the exhumation site. I also need a hundred or so more little envelopes. If only you knew how much pleasure these little relics bring people, like the relic pictures made of straw stalks and little strips, and the little sachets of wool.

People are continually asking our beloved Mother for keepsakes, and she absolutely loves making our little Sister known and spreading devotion to her, but her stock doesn’t last long. And if only you could see the charming little frames that she has had pyrographed to hold colour portraits of Thérèse; they’re delightful! As for the novenas, they are said in perpetuity here. So our dear Mother is only too happy to take this opportunity to send you the nice sum of 30 frs for graces requested or granted. People make a modest payment to the cause that’s so dear to our hearts.

I’m happy, beloved little Mother, to call myself once more your unworthy little Sister and child In Corde Jesus. This child is excessively spoilt by her 3 darling sisters to whom she sends all her love in the Heart of Jesus, our Everything.

Sr Françoise-Thérèse Martin