From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 2, 1914

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 2nd, 1914

2nd October 1914

Much-loved little sister and Mamma,

The clock has just struck midnight. I’m staying up with one of our young Sisters who is slowly journeying towards the heavenly Homeland and is very happy to be going and seeing God soon. I envy her! Ever since I placed Thérèse’s crucifix upon her at her request, she has been sleeping peacefully and I’m taking advantage of this to tell you how much pleasure your much-anticipated letter brought me. Tears spring to my eyes as I read it, for what you say about the soldiers is so touching. I knew that my little “doting mamma” wouldn’t let 30thSeptember go by without sending me a few sweet surprises. The little diary is delightful.

Thank you, thank you also for the beautiful volume of Shower of Roses. Our beloved Mother hurried through it so that I could have the pleasure of reading it tonight while I’m with our little patient. Once again, you see the motherly care and all the affection with which I’m enfolded. Alas, I don’t deserve it of course. However, I find that nothing better reflects the love of Jesus’ Heart for his poor little creature.

Our preached retreat is beginning this evening and will finish on the 10th. Pray for me, little sisters, so that I might convert definitively. I can assure you that I’m in great need of it. I had decided I wouldn’t go and speak to the priest leading this retreat, because our beloved Mother’s direction is sufficient for me, and then our Chaplain declared that he wouldn’t hear our confessions during the retreat. I must reconcile myself to seeing the Rev. Father; it is clear to me that this is where God’s will lies.

It was 32 years ago today, little Mother, that you joined the Carmel. The many tears we shed back then have been transformed into moments of joy of the purest and truest kind.