From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – August 28, 1921

From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – August 28, 1921

V + J!   From our monastery in Caen on this 28th August 1921

Anniversary of our dear Mamma’s entrance into Paradise.


Dearest little Mamma,

Mrs Lecourt’s very prompt trip is obliging me to send you my happy birthday wishes a week earlier than I would have liked. You can understand, beloved Mamma, that my heart, which is as filial as it is fraternal, can’t remain silent in view of the memorable date of 7th September 1921, when you will have spent 60 very full years in the service of the best of Masters. May you have at least twenty more, so that, even here below, you may rejoice in the full triumph of our ideal, matchless Saint. As you sing it so well, she is “Plus Aimable que Vénérable” [“More Amiable than Venerable” - title of a hymn written for 14th August when Thérèse was declared ‘Venerable’].

Dearly belovedlittle Mamma, on this day I would like to be able to reveal to you the deep chasm of affection which Jesus, and only Jesus, is capable of creating in a human heart. He alone, then, can give you a glimpse of it before you reach the Heavenly Homeland, because I am His creation. This is what I begged Him to show you as I took Holy Communion for you. Receiving Him in the Bl. Eucharist is the only comfort for those in exile.

Beloved little Sisters, you too have certainly let fall a shower of roses upon us since the blessed 14th August. But, apart from the gift of our Thérèse, the most beautiful and matchless bouquet was the message that the Holy Father and all His Court addressed to our revered and cherished Mother. The final hymn sung by those attending the ceremony dedicated to our Venerable Sister was brilliantly sung by the Community. Our Sisters were standing, with our dear Mother in the lead, singing it at full voice while Sr Marguerite-Agnes and I knelt at the foot of our Reverend Mother. One of us (your unworthy and fortunate little sister who was crying with emotion) presented her with the very pretty little plaque and the other held the precious medallions, which have turned out very well, together with the no less precious ones depicting our Holy Sister and the Pontiff Benedict XV. And the slides of the Carmel are so beautiful!! My joy would be complete if in the refectory I could see four beloved faces at our dear Prioress’ table. You see, I have very fond memories of your Mother Sub-Prioress who was dressmaker when I stayed in your blessed cloisters. Who are the people standing up beside His Holiness? I can’t see Cardinal Vico or Mgr de Teil. – What an august Assembly they make! It really is a reflection of heaven. Lastly, my madly loved sisters, you make me happy beyond words, and eternity will be too short to express all my gratitude to you. I’m already literally melting in thankfulness.

All my thoughts are with your dear patient. I hope this saintly soul won’t forget me up above. Two of our Sisters are gravely ill. One of them is going to be administered Extreme Unction today. It’s a sad conclusion to the festivities in terms of time, but not in terms of eternity.  

And my pretty little pink dove (messenger) brings me great pleasure and does me good, as does everything that comes from you, darling Mamma. Your littler sister and child,

Sr Françoise-Thérèse Martin


Can the medallions of Thérèse be blessed now that she is Venerable?