From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 30, 1921

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 30th, 1921

V + J! From our monastery in Caen on this 30th October1921

Darling little Mamma,

It’s already been a week since my retreat ended. Sr Marguerite-Agnes is on hers in turn, which will finish on Friday evening, 4th November.

Retreats are such great graces! And Jesus is so good during them! Excessively good! I don’t understand those nuns who are afraid of Him. Ah, for those who follow the wonderful Little Way, things are different, and we are certainly among that number, are we not? On the feast day of our holy Sister Marguerite-Marie, I was utterly transfixed by Our Lord, kneeling before Him in His Sacrament of Love. If only you knew what a delightful moment I passed at His feet. Jesus said nothing to me, and I said nothing to Him either, but I say again; I was transfixed, so utterly transfixed, that I lost all notion of time. It was a foretaste of heaven, one which human language could never express. But afterwards, you fall so hard when, in your soul, you come back to your senses, returning to your destitution and customary helplessness. And yet this fall is the best and most stable thing that can happen to us in exile, particularly after a very manifest favour, one that greatly strengthens those to whom Jesus deigns grant it. – That very same day, darling little Mamma, I took my resolution to sacrifice my will by putting my time to good use. This is the price of my Saviour’s precious blood. Consequently, in his wake, or rather in His arms (for I’m very little), I will climb my steep Calvary. – You wouldn’t believe how much hard work costs me, or the incessant effort I have to make to conquer my laziness and cowardliness. These natural predispositions continuously induce me to satisfy myself in every way. From now on it will be Jesus who will be satisfied at the detriment of His spoilt and capricious little child.

When are the congregations for the miracles going to take place? Here’s a first rate one! It occurred on 30th September, the 24th anniversary of Thérèse’s entrance into the heavenly homeland, where all four of us shall soon be reunited!! The feast of All Saints speaks ineffable volumes to my heart.

Your little sister and child who madly loves you, together with my two other treasures

Sr Francoise-Thérèse Martin


Will there soon be medallions of Thérèse taking her 1st Communion?

Mrs Lecourt should be coming here before long. Take advantage of this if you have something to send.