From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 21, 1928

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 21st 1928

21st January 1928

Darling little Mamma,

I can no longer say that my affection for you is growing; this is impossible, because it knows no limits where my darling trio is concerned, the sisters whom God, in his mercy, gave me to ease my exile. However, on each of your feast days, darling little sisters, I like to draw closer to you. How I wish you were rid of all your persecutors. They are merely thwarting God’s works. I’m praying with all my strength, unable to help you in any other way.

Now the diocese is in mourning following the death of our pious Bishop. This loss is going to cast a shadow over your feast day celebrations, darling little Mother, but here below, life is habitually a perpetual mixture of joy and sorrow.

Mr Jean Suberville sent me his play in verse based on seven pictures representing scenes from our saint’s life. You must have received this booklet as well; I would like to know what you think of it.

It is not rare, little Mamma, that people from Italy, America and England tell us that they have obtained bone fragments of little Saint Thérèse from Rev. Carmelite Fathers. Tell me, little Mamma, whether this is true.

For your feast day, I’m sending you a picture of St John of the Cross, which has touched his bones. It came from Spain, from someone who has published the group photo of all five of us (they would have done better to have kept quiet. It’s so indiscreet! I’m so tired of all this!).

Since the beginning of the year, I’m no longer in the sacristy, but am now linen room assistant. Our dearest Mother found that the burden had become too heavy for my limited strength. It is true that I was tired, although I believed I would carry it on until I died. If only you knew, Little Mother, how indifferent I am to everything at the moment. I love God’s will alone, and this is a very great grace.

With my love, beloved little sister and mamma, and the fondest of kisses . . . .