From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – May 3, 1931

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – May 3rd 1931

V + J From our monastery in Caen this 3rd May 1931


Darling little Mother,

Your letter brought me great pleasure. I see that our affection is doubling, which greatly helps me to bear exile. How I long for the reunion up above! Desire for the eternal reunion consumes me. However, all four of us cannot leave earth at the same time. That would be too wonderful and too delightful for our loving hearts to bear, and we know very well that this is not part of God’s design. We desire and love nothing but His holy will.

Emulating St Thérèse’s Little Way is so delightful!!! We are not surprised her doctrine is so successful. Thank you for the two new booklets, the sweets from Chile and the little nightlights. It’s so kind and generous of you to share everything with us like this.

As for the charming rose petal containing the precious relic, we are keeping it for our revered Mother’s feast day.

The dear Mother Superior of Boulogne is very seriously ill. We urgently recommend her to your prayers. It’s a sad blow to our hearts. We have such close ties with her beloved Family.

We have at last received one of the three remaining volumes of the Liturgical Year. This proves he [the publisher] is thinking of us and we hope to receive the other two soon.

Friday 8th May is a double anniversary and one that is very dear to our hearts. It is the 47th anniversary of your profession, darling little Mamma, which means that in just three years’ time, you will be celebrating your golden anniversary. We’ll have a huge celebration, you can count on that.

We really need some braid for the loops on the sachets. Thank you so much for buying us a thousand of them for a hundred francs. We are very grateful to you. Mrs Lecourt is coming on 11th May, so she could bring us the little loops.

With my love, darling trio, and the fondest of kisses.