From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 7, 1932

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 7th 1932

V + J! From our monastery in Caen this 7th October 1932


Dearest little Mamma,

Writing to you during my retreat doesn’t distract me at all, because I have much to thank you for. I’m therefore quickly taking advantage of this opportunity to tell you how delightful we find the painting of our Thérèse. And we are all very glad to each have a picture of the gentle little dove entering the blessed Arc and finding a nest in which to rest there. We relish the delightful story and songs, which we knew about before you did thanks to your kind Mother Sub-Prioress and my little sister-friend. Her affectionate letter and little stars touched me deeply. Thank them and give them a kiss from me, I beg of you.

Another big surprise was the very perfect reproduction of Les Buissonnets! What patience the work must have required! And to think that once more you are depriving yourselves for us. You give us everything; it’s too much! You are too kind . . . . And we’re so happy to have the precious relic of Gethsemane. Thank you for all these marvels. Apparently, beloved little Mother, you were flooded with telegrams, so much so that the people at the post office were wondering what was going on at the Carmel. As for me, this is indubitable proof that my little Mother is known and loved everywhere, and this love is reciprocated in my heart.

I’m sending you my resolutions. Kindly send them back to me when you have an opportunity but it’s not at all urgent.

I will finish by sharing something with you that greatly delighted the hearts of our Mother and dear chaplain. Until now I’ve been very inconsiderate, constantly saying to God, “My exile is ever so long!” I may as well have been saying, “Take me away quickly because I’m tired and fed up of suffering for You.” That’s over now! Over! Completely over!

With lots of kisses from my loving heart to you and our two little sisters. Your little daughter

Sr Françoise-Thérèse