From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – June 18, 1933

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – June 18th 1933

V+J! From our monastery in Caen this 18th June 1933


My darling eldest sister,

I’ve come to your infirmary cell, as your loving daughter and sister, to offer you my wishes for a happy feast day. Beloved little sister, I can in all truth say that I’m with you and will never leave you. I share in your physical pain. It renders you so beautiful and precious in the eyes of our beloved Spouse, Our Lord who is looking everywhere for fragrant offerings. This union in suffering is ever so sweet and comforting! It truly helps us to bear exile.  

You see, darling little sister, like you, all that passes away barely affects me anymore. I feel extremely weary, even when it comes to things concerning Thérèse (understand me, darling sister; by this I mean all the remarks and comments that we hear here and there, and which are comparatively untrue. So many are shallow-minded nowadays.) Anyway, everything makes me nostalgic for heaven. If you fly there before me, come and fetch me very, very quickly.

The statue of our great little saint preparing the holy vessels is a most magnificent 70th birthday gift. It would be worthy (the gift) of being placed on the Pope’s desk. We have greatly admired it and kissed the relic. I myself also kiss my darling Thérèse’s face, which is very true to life considering it is metal.

Thank you for spoiling me like this, beloved little sisters. You know how much I appreciate all your kindness to me and my dearest Community. We are all most grateful.

It was with pleasure that we too received the biography of the young Redemptorist who adopted St Thérèse’s little way. I haven’t yet had time to read it. The legion of little souls is here, just as our little Thérèse predicted, don’t you agree? People are talking about it everywhere.

I will leave you, but only in body, beloved little sister. Know that I have already taken Communion for you. I feel that Jesus loves you and that you are His chosen victim, and I greatly rejoice in this.

Your tiny little sister who cherishes you as well as Pauline and Céline

Sr Françoise-Thérèse