From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - November 30, 1934

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - November 30th 1934

V + J! 30th November 1934

Darling little sisters,

We will be closely united once again next Tuesday and Wednesday. Happily, our Chaplain will be able to say Holy Mass for our revered Jubilarian. We will attend and, with Sr Marguerite-Agnès, take one Holy Communion for her and another for our dearly beloved Mother, who will have been prioress for 34 years. What glory awaits her in heaven!

I only had time to have a quick glance at the papers before hastily signing them so that Mrs Lecourt could take them. I’m so touched by your kind thought. The four of us are sufficient to one another, and we don’t worry too much about Jeanne’s indifference. She loves us well enough deep down. I had proof of this when I was sick.

Our dear Mother is full of motherly affection! As soon as the weather turned cold, she had me go down to the infirmary to be near a fire. See how cosseted and pampered I am! How shameful!

Darling eldest sister, if only I could push you around in your little wheelchair. I would do so joyfully and lovingly, as I do for our dear Sister, the former Superior. She kindly calls me her little driver.

I send all three of you lots of kisses from my infinitely loving heart

Sr Françoise-Thérèse


Accustomed to being spoilt, I thank you in advance for the much-anticipated almanacs.