From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - April 12, 1936

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - April 12th 1936

V + J! From our Caen monastery this 12th April 1936

Beloved little sisters,

Here we are still, all four of us, in the place of exile and banishment. We sing Alleluia anyway, don’t we, because as brides of Jesus crucified, we supply what was lacking in His most painful Passion by praying, suffering and sacrificing ourselves for our Beloved. What an indescribable and enviable mystery that is! He died in His thirst for love, and He is willing to rely on us, His chosen and consecrated people, to give Him a drink. What an honour!

Darling Céline, your beautiful copy of the risen Jesus has been placed on the altar in the antechoir so that all the Sisters can enjoy it. I’m so glad when I can share all the lovely things that come from my beloved Carmel with others.

It was with pleasure and gratitude that we received the newspapers (Hosanna). Thank Canon Germain for the kind thought, and thank you too, darling little sisters, because you are paying for the subscription.

Our dearest Mother has set aside the 50 frs, ready to give to our Chaplain. He is happy to say Mass for our dear eldest sister on 15th October, (the anniversary of her joining the Carmel). In her kindness, our dearest Mother used the 40 frs we could spare to have two Masses celebrated for the intentions of our Holy Father the Pope, and two others for the two religious families in the Carmel of Lisieux and the Visitation of Caen, which have always been one. Our dear Mother will stand down after Ascension when her three-year office ends, but thanks to God we can re-elect her for another three years. We love her dearly and appreciate her more and more. – Due to her advanced age (83), our revered former Mother Superior can hardly walk anymore, but she is still of sound mind, and is a most wonderful model of virtue.  

I love the study that the Superior of the Major Seminary wrote on our darling saint’s moral temperament. He masterfully refutes all the absurdities and lies that so many so-called writers have poured out and which do more harm than good, and all this without hurting anyone.

Thank you for your dear letters, beloved little sisters. I am as well as can be thanks to all the care I’m receiving. If our Thérèse had been nursed and pampered as much as I am, she would still be here.

No, little Céline, I didn’t receive the copy of the telegram you received from Rome on your fortieth anniversary. You can count on having a Communion from me on the 28th. All your anniversaries, darling sisters, are engraved in my loving heart. Your tiny little sister



Have you grown used to your dentures? Accepting to have that in my mouth would be a huge sacrifice for me; I much, much prefer having no teeth.