From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - December 26, 1936

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - December 26th 1936

V + J! From our Caen monastery this 26th December 1936

Darling little sisters,

Since it pleases God that we should meet again on this sad earth for the wonderful feast of Christmas, it’s no doubt because it is His will. As we love His holy will above all things, we are gladdened with everything that gladdens Him.

And so I offer you my best wishes and sisterly affection through the Heart of our one true Love, the new-born Jesus in the Eucharist, who nourishes us every day. Without Him, what would become of us? This exile is already heaven, for it is a foretaste of the eternal face to face to come, which, given our advanced age, can’t be too far off now, fortunately.

Our Eucharistic Triduum was led by Rev. Fr Emblard, S.J. He has a passion for the Most Bl. Sacrament and has a gift for setting even the coldest hearts on fire. He spoke about our darling saint in all his instructions, admiringly describing her as a Eucharistic angel.

Alas, we could very well say the same as St John the Baptist, because today, as in his time, “among you stands one whom you do not know.” We prayed hard and continue to pray for the precious health of our matchless and Most Holy Father. It is said, and rightly so, that he is one of the greatest popes to have reigned since St Peter.

I’m very well indeed, as is the pain in my lower back, which makes me hunch over like a little hundred-year-old woman. We’re therefore very joyfully journeying towards Paradise together. – And you, increasingly beloved little sisters, how are you? You aren’t wimps like me, fortunately.

With all my love and affection, which is now boundless.

Sr Françoise-Thérèse


My dear little Mamma, your little daughter Sr Joseph-Marie sends you her best wishes for 1937. She has such poor health!