From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Genevieve (Celine) - August 6, 1937

From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Genevieve (Celine) - August 6, 1937

V+J! From our Caen monastery this 6th August 1937

Darling little Céline,

What a wonderful feast the Transfiguration is! Even on earth, our Beloved is truly ours to possess, hidden in the white Eucharistic Host until we see him face to face in eternity. It is in this loving encounter that we come together every day in our Communions, especially on feast days and birthdays. We are bound in an ineffable union when we meet in Jesus. We are truly fused as one. The only thing I know and ask for now is the grace to live and die in an act of pure love. This encapsulates everything. Everything else leaves me tired and indifferent. I’m sure you will understand me perfectly, beloved little sisters, because our hearts and souls are the same and perfectly moulded in sweet Jesus’ Heart.

We are preparing to celebrate our beloved Mother’s feast day, which is fixed for the tenth of August. The precious parcel that has already arrived has been set aside. Our Mother is particularly fond of objects of propaganda because she enjoys giving and making people happy.

Dear little sister, do you know on which date our darling saint was granted the special grace relating to Jesus’ precious blood? It was one Sunday in July 50 years ago.

Do you still have rheumatism in your arm? I have it in my left foot, though I can walk on it. You know the song “les douleurs sont des folles” (“For melancholy is but folly”), etc.

The Congress was really a great success. There wasn’t a single false note. What bliss!!! Our divine King reigns at last despite Satan and his minions. All that is left for His consecrated brides to do is pray and practice self-sacrifice so that the fruit produced in all these revived and disillusioned souls might be lasting.

Yes, my inseparable sister, once again, happy and holy feast day! Soon all four of us will be on the eternal and ardently desired Tabor

Your very loving little sister,

Sr Françoise-Thérèse