From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - December 26, 1937

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters - December 26th 1937

V + J! From our Caen monastery this 26th December 1937 

Dear little sisters,

Here the four of us are once more, beside our little King of Love, exchanging the growing and deepening love we share for the coming year. It promises a shower of particularly special graces because our darling Godmother [Marie, Thérèse’s godmother] will have been professed for 50 years on 22nd May. We’ll have a special family celebration then, if God sees fit to let us keep her, of course. And 9th April will mark the entrance of our matchless saint into the Carmel. Not only is it blessed amongst all Carmels, and increasingly illustrious due to her, but to crown it all, we shall be celebrating the centenary of its foundation.

It was of course with great pleasure that we received almanacs and calendars from the St Paul book shop. We shall devour them. Thank you! Thank you!

It was with keen interest that we read the publication concerning our beloved little Thérèse’s moral temperament. Poor writers! They would do so much better to keep quiet. The friar did well to gtake back his words before he died. His humility must have saved him quite a reckoning in purgatory. May it serve as an example to others. – In any case, the disciple is not above the adored Master, for it is He, is it not, who is contradicted and persecuted above all others, despised with this now universal hellish hatred?

I’m so looking forward to hearing from you, darling little sisters! For my part, I’m suffering from rheumatism in my foot joints, which means I walk like a shrunken little old woman. But otherwise I’m fine, because I’m being cared for and mollycoddled like you wouldn’t believe. Due to a regrettable head cold, our dear (and truly doting) Mother, is holding me prisoner in this heated cell.

Which of our saint’s godmothers will go first? Only God knows! Yet her baptismal godmother is sure to fly straight to heaven, whereas the other, her confirmation godmother, might well go and roast for a bit. Nevertheless, I hope and believe I won’t be far behind you.

Until our blessed reunion in the Homeland, we have a foretaste of it in our loving affection for each other.

Your little visitandine,

Sr Françoise-Thérèse


Our affectionate and considerate little Sr Joseph-Marie sends you her best wishes.

Our dearest Mother is sending you her circular letter, which proves just how close we are.