From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her two sisters in the Carmel - April 13, 1941

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her two Carmelite sisters - April 13th 1941

V + J! From our monastery. Happy and holy feast of Easter 13th April 1941

Darling little sisters,

The time has come, I can feel it; I’m going into my eternity. What bliss! I’m completely settled in the infirmary. Your dearest wish and mine will be fulfilled, for our matchless Mother Lamb will be the one to close my eyes, and you, being inseparably united to her dear and blessed person, will be there as well. From your arms, I hope, I will fall into those of our most merciful Saviour and His most Holy Mother (my darling Mamma) and into those of all our relatives, the blessed and glorious inhabitants of the heavenly Homeland.

Godmother’s(1) rosary brings me such pleasure! It’s so lovely! Is it enriched with all possible indulgences? Can we benefit from them?

Have you seen this photo before? It was given to us by the new chaplain, a friend of Father Quenel (painter) and the priest who attended him in his last moments. He is very willingly offering it to me. In turn, I’m gladly giving it to you.

A word about the person succeeding our sorely-missed Father Heurtevent; we are very grateful to have him. He’s a man of devouring zeal, but unfortunately, he isn’t in very good health. We have every reason to fear he won’t be with us for long. He is highly solicited, for example, today he has said three Masses, one of which was sung.

Passionately-loved little sisters, I can’t write another word. I’m growing frailer. All that remains healthy are my knees, heart and, thank God, my head. But He can take all this, everything is His! Total surrender is my goal, down to my very modest, poor understanding.

I’m quite overwhelmed considering how much affection and consideration I’m receiving from Mamma Lamb and all my dear Sisters.

Your little visitandine, whose heart is very great and loving,

Sr Françoise-Thérèse


(1) Marie, Thérèse’s godmother.