From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – September 25, 1921

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart – September 25th, 1921

V + J! From our monastery in Caen

this 25th September 1921

Darling eldest sister,

Keep your biscuits, I beg of you. Dear Mrs de Castelnau, as I see, didn’t do things by half. I thought the same thing you did when we received 7 large boxes, each of which contained . . . perhaps 300 or 500 biscuits. But, I said to myself, “We must have received the Carmel’s share, mustn’t we?” And now I have the answer. Don’t wait too long before eating them, because, being in cardboard boxes, they can’t be kept long. We were caught out once and the hens had a feast. One of our dear elders was just saying to me, “But if your three sisters only received 7 boxes like you, then it’s not fair.” Could you see yourselves being overrun with 21 boxes?!

What a joy it is that your beautiful and touching Crucifix has been published. Darling Céline, the imperfections matter little, if there are any. It’s amazing that this masterpiece has come from a burnt, and, unfortunately, very damaged, model. Yet you have given us a perfect copy of it, and we will cherish it. You understand how much of a treasure it is for each of us to possess a picture that we can enjoy contemplating during our long retreats before the Feast of the Presentation. Yes, your Crucifix will undoubtedly work many conversions. The suffering and dying Jesus has decided to reward you in God, that is to say in Himself, for having portrayed Him so perfectly. A very great and very warm thank you on behalf of all of us!! We are delighted with the only Wealth we own; the portrait of our Beloved Spouse.

Mgr Virili wrote to our dear Mother telling her how delighted he was with the welcome he received at the Carmel and all the precious keepsakes you gave him. His Excellency thanked me warmly for having pleaded his case before you so well. Darling sisters, his visit can only be very profitable in terms of the prompt glorification of our saint, because the Prelate is a close childhood friend of the Holy Father (they were at College together) but Mgr Virili is about six years older than His Holiness, and very tired apparently. Let’s pray God keeps this beloved Pontiff for his Church. Mr Trèche’s report is exceedingly interesting! It’s as though we were there . . .

I hear my little Sr friend (Marie of the Holy Spirit) is very sick. I do hope she recovers quickly, because I would be very sorry to see her go to heaven before me. She would be stealing my turn . . . . You know that I send you all my love and affection, infinitely dear sisters.

Sr Fse-Thérèse


Blessed be God for allowing our dear Sr Marie-Philomène to remain with us. She must see the Beatification celebrations from on earth.