From sr Francoise Therese (Leonie) to Mother Agnes of Jesus - June 12, 1910


From our Mtery in Caen

this 12th June 1910

  Beloved Little Mother,

Thank you, thank you, both in my name and our dearest Mother’s name, for your last parcel! This holy Carmelite nun’s biography seems most interesting, and I’m looking forward to hearing it read. As for the poems set to music, they represent such a treasure! We are of course going to prepare our Mother’s feast day during her absence. She has gone to England for about three weeks. Our dear exiled Sisters are going to be very glad to have her and what’s more, there is much to see to and to sort out in our little institute. What I’m telling you now, darling Mother, mustn’t leave the Carmel because it’s a secret.

Our 3rd centenary celebrations were splendid. It really was a heavenly day. I am deeply and profoundly grateful to God for having made me a daughter of Holy Church. I was delighted and overjoyed to watch the beautiful ceremonies, which unfolded before my eyes because, exceptionally, we were all allowed to raise them. I can assure you that we took great advantage of this. Dear Canon Deslandes, who is so good at organising celebrations, was very careful not to put anything in front of the grate so that we could see everything. Immediately after dinner, his Lordship came into the monastery, followed by about 60 priests. It is fortunate that our community room is large; you’ve seen it, darling Mother. After his Lordship’s visit, during which he was very kind and fatherly, we went to the Choir to renew our holy vows out loud and all together, in union with all our Visitation Monasteries. It was a very solemn and touching moment. For our 3rd centenary, His Holiness Pius X, who is an honorary member of our holy Order (He was given our cross from our Srs in Venice when he was still Patriarch, so you’ll understand what an honour this is for our Institute), the Holy Father sent us an absolutely wonderful Brief and granted us some very special privileges. What a saint he is! How happy I’d be if he were the one to beatify Thérèse! I hope it will be him with all my soul.

Our little saint has healed another of our Sisters. It wasn’t a glaring miracle like for our little Sister Marie Bénigne, but a very great blessing, as our dear Sister is well aware, and so her trust in her heavenly Benefactress is boundless. I think she had signs of a pulmonary infection, and her tongue was thickly coated, looking dreadful. She lasted for weeks like that, drinking nothing but milk. Physically exhausted and dying of hunger, she took treatments but to no avail; her condition stayed the same. Our doctor had a patient in town suffering from the same illness. He told our Mother that neither he nor one of his colleagues could manage to treat the patient’s tongue. In short, all their knowledge and Latin was useless. Our dear Sister decided to act quicker and began a novena to Thérèse. Every day her tongue was visibly better, and on the last day, it looked perfectly normal. She began to eat, which did her good, and her strength returned rapidly. A fortnight later, she resumed her duty as cook, to her great pleasure. She told me that she could have resumed her duties the very day after she recovered. Our Mother prevented her out of precaution.

Thank you for having sent us this notice to witnesses. All this information is very useful.

Farewell, beloved Little Mother. Bless me and pray for your unworthy little sister and daughter, for she loves you so dearly. And our two little sisters know how dear they are to me as well.

Sr Fse Thérèse Martin

of the Vtion of Holy Mary


1 Vive Jésus! Long Live Jesus!

2 Dieu soit béni. Blessed be God.