From sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three sisters in the Carmel - August 1919

From Sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) to her three Carmelite sisters – Before August 10th 1919

[Marie of the Sacred Heart replies to this letter on 10th August 1919]

. . . . . . Mother and darling eldest sister, brought me so much pleasure. I was thirsty to receive a few lines from my little Mamma to comfort my often deeply distressed soul. You told me, little sister, that you are sorry I am no longer a Choir Sister: for once I am not of your opinion. My life is much busier than you think and what’s more, I’m very occupied in my role as assistant to the Bursar because there’s usually a lot of work to do and it’s often unexpected.

What’s more, I think that my health wouldn’t allow me to attend the Divine Office as assiduously as I used to. It was extremely tiring. It’s true that I was very unwell at the time. That is why God decided that I should be relieved of this duty, and over the two years that I have been an Associated Sister, I haven’t regretted it once, because I feel I’m perfectly in my element. For us (I say this in passing, though without complaining), days are not only busy, they are hectic! That is the best way I can describe our life of denial, and it slowly kills mother nature. So much the better!

You are still faithful and very fervent, my darling. Alas! The same cannot be said of your poor little sister. I plunder a great deal from God. And yet I understand perfectly that incessantly going against one’s inclinations is the secret of happiness and a foretaste of heaven, and brings the soul immense peace.

The large reliquary will be in gilt bronze, will it not?

Will Father Marie-Bernard be making the model? What will the head be made of? Will it be wax, along with the hands and feet? Have the minted medallions from the priest’s lovely design turned out well?

Once more, I send you my love and kisses! Pray for me.

I have heard that the bread in Lisieux is very bad. Is this true? Do tell me the whole truth.