From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - August 9, 1906

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - August 9, 1906

 + Jesus J.M.J.T.                          9th August 1906

Darling little sister,

I was very touched by the kind letter you sent for my feast day. I knew you wouldn’t forget me. I haven’t forgotten you either. If only you knew how much I love you! I wanted to give you a surprise for 6th August. Guess what it is. I wanted to send you the first photograph of the Sacred Heart picture!

Yes, darling little sister, I was planning this treat for you, and I kept it top secret; all our friends knew about the plot so as not to give the game away. Alas! Despite all my goodwill, I haven’t been able to finish my piece. I’ve been drawing with incredible fervour, giving myself neither respite nor rest, but it’s not even close to being finished. As it’s intended for publication, I’m using pencil, as for the pictures of Thérèse at the feet of the Holy Father, and Thérèse in death. The picture of Jesus Christ is almost life-sized, since my paper measures over one metre fifty in length. Unfortunately the original can’t be used for anything but publication, but I hope the results will be good.

As Sr Madeleine of Jesus has already told your very Honoured Mother, Rome is looking forward to seeing it, and Fr Prévost will have it published. He will have statues moulded, medallions minted etc. How glad you’ll be to see the long-awaited Sacred Heart distributed all around the world! I think it would be better for the glory of the Sacred Heart if we left the P.S. [Priestly Society] to carry out this work, because devotion to the S.H. [Sacred Heart] of Christ the King will spread much further this way.
As for the Holy Face, we have as yet had no profits. Whatever we might earn will go to the Society; it’s such a good cause. Moreover, few people contact us and we send all sizable orders to the “Bon Pasteur Printing Company”. Later on, I’d like your Visitation to become an advertising seat for the S.H. We could arrange it with Fr Prévost. The Visitation of Caen could be the first and main centre to champion the S.H. That way, it will in a sense belong to you. Yet I think that God wills for the Priestly Society to see to publishing both the Sorrowful Face of Jesus and His Divine Royalty, and to distributing them all over the world. Moreover, the Society has many more resources than our poor little isolated convents. Also, it would be more suitable if priests dealt with this work rather than entrusting it to a publisher or some sculptor or other and having to give up most of the profits.  

Now, beloved little Léonie, I’ll admit I’m having a great deal of trouble with the picture. I have an idea and I want to convey it, no matter the difficulty. I’m almost willing to sacrifice beauty for this idea.

I don’t yet know what the result will be; I just keep drawing and then rubbing out again. Pray for me, because ultimately I’m wearing myself out. Recommend me to your dear Mothers’ prayers.

We’re sending you the 12 little prints of the Holy Face. These are the last. Everywhere has sold out of them, even Paris. The next edition will be better, I think. I’ve made a great deal of effort with this in view. But how long will it take? We shall no doubt have to wait several months. Yes, they cost 0.25 frs and there’s no discount. But concerning the small pictures of the Agony, our Mother is very happy to give them to you. We printed them as soon as we received your letter, because we don’t prepare them in advance. You see, we love you so much that we’ll immediately drop everything to satisfy your every need. The large print costing 5 frs has come out very well and is not expensive. We’ll have some in a few days. Have you read the article in L’Univers? We sent you the newspaper. Since the article appeared, the Priestly Society has received over 80 orders a day. They can’t cope. I’m sending you this letter from Berthe Madeline, which I think will interest you. You can keep it.

Our Mother has just received the tuning fork, and it’s perfect. She is very grateful to your kind Mothers. There was no note in the parcel. She’s going to wait a few days then make a claim for it.

I send you all my love. Your little companion in misfortune.

Geneviève of St Teresa u.c.n.