From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 1, 1907

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 1, 1907


+Jesus  J.M.J.T.                    1st April 1907

Darling little sister,

Lent seemed particularly long this year, so it feels good to be reunited and chat for a bit. Our hearts are full of the wonderful mystery of Easter, which is a powerful foretaste of the eternal Easter to come, once the long Lent of life is over.

We’re currently reading “The Liturgical Year”, as we often do, aloud in the refectory. It’s so wonderful! The new postulants and novices who weren’t familiar with this admirable work are full of praise for it. It’s understandable, for it’s so simple, so sublime, so splendid and so deeply penetrating that we can never hear too much of it. Usually, we read the little passages relating to the following day or upcoming saint’s day each evening, but it is so rich in details that, at the moment, we often leave aside the noon readings in order to read more of the Liturgical Year!

But that’s enough about the Liturgical Year, is it not? Has Lent left you tired? I’d like to know how you are.

We have just received a long letter from Father Prévost. He’s a true saint, and is so devoted to us that he is much loved here, especially in our family. He says that our picture of the Holy Face has changed attitudes in Rome (in high circles) regarding worship of the Holy Face, and that a Mass is being written in honour of the Holy Face. He had already told us on a previous trip that the bishops were speaking of it highly in their dioceses. In Italy, one prelate is writing a pastoral address asking priests not to attend the bedside of the dying without having the Holy Face with them. Yet I think I’ve already told you this. This year, there will have been at least eleven hundred thousand copies printed. Keep these details to yourself, because I don’t like divulging everything he tells us. I’m always afraid that things aren’t official and that he says them only because he is “among family”.

Lastly, we were recently paid a visit from a Canadian priest who had come from Rome and was on his way to America. He was taking a pilgrimage to Thérèse’s burial place and talked a great deal about you. He even gave us a little rosary that had been blessed by the Holy Father to give to you. He gave one to us, too. We’ll send it to you by Miss Youf. It’s incredible to see how much people love our Thérèse, and the enthusiasm that she inspires in people everywhere, in all social walks of life (even among the ungodly who don’t have their children baptised!) It’s nothing short of a miracle.

2nd April – I was hoping to finish my letter today and write news in all the corners but I see I’m unable to fill even the big corner.

I send you all my love

Geneviève of St Teresa


Many respectful and affectionate wishes to your Mothers.