From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - September 29, 1907

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - September 29, 1907

+Jesus          J.M.J.T.                         29th September 1907

Darling little sister,

I want you to have a note from your little sisters for the 30th anniversary of Thérèse’s death. She has been gone 10 years already; it feels like ten weeks to me. This is no doubt because we hear talk of her very often. Just this morning, we received a letter from a Benedictine nun in Valognes. She must have written to you because she mentions you. She says that Thérèse has just worked a healing in her own family. It was for a little eight year old girl; her niece, I believe.

O, my darling little sister! If we see so many wonders already, imagine what it will be like in heaven when, "noblesse oblige", many hidden things will be revealed to us! Imagine how holy we’ll have to be to avoid causing our little sister to blush, she who distinguished herself through her many virtues.

Our new Chaplain Rev. Father Pitrou will say Mass tomorrow to thank God for the graces He has granted to Thérèse and our community. The Mass was his idea, and he’s offering it to us, which is very kind of him. He is very good, but we haven’t forgotten our dearly beloved Father Chêné. He gave ever so much to the community and we’ll always remember the good he did us.

As for your dear Mother Marie de Sales, I wholeheartedly shared in your religious family’s grief, but I didn’t mourn her personally because she forced you into joining the Visitation before Papa died, which I didn’t think was your duty, and so she has the anger I felt that day on her conscience. I say this without bitterness, because I esteemed her highly.

If only you knew how pleased we are with the Sacred Heart plaques! We’ve placed one on the tabernacle door in the chapel and we took this opportunity to decorate the little door because it was, alas, very bare! The largest plaque has been placed on the tabernacle on the oratory (inside the monastery), so we see it every day. You can’t imagine how much pleasure the gift brought me! Being sacristan, I was particularly moved. Thank your dear Mothers for me and give them my love.  

The 23rd Oct. will mark the beginning of our retreat preached by Fr Pichon! He’s back again. Apparently, he’s already sick and tired of preaching. Every community wants to feature in his renowned diary, and increase the number of his already countless retreats. I’m sending you a letter from Berthe-Madeline. You can tear it up after reading it. I thought it might interest you.

I send you hundreds and thousands of kisses. I love you with all my heart.

Your Céline, Geneviève of St Teresa u.c.n. 

One of our Brothers, Fr Boyer, a missionary in Africa, wrote saying he will celebrate two Masses for you every year, one on St Francis de Sales’ day, and the other on St Leo’s day. Look how privileged you are! 

P.S. from Mother Agnes of Jesus

Hello, darling little sister. O, how many times I think of you each day! Be a little saint, my dear little sister. Our lives will soon be over and what we sow in tears today, we’ll soon harvest in joy. After all, one must suffer to be worthy of Jesus and heaven! Thérèse suffered much, and loved much; that’s why she earned the palm.


Little Mother