From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 12, 1909

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 12, 1909

+ Jesus                     12th April 1909

Darling little sister,

I thought of you yesterday, because it was St Leo’s day, which used to be your feast day, and you know that your Céline cannot forget any of your anniversaries.

We saw Mgr de Teil the other day. I told him that you gave your testimony to his Lordship and he said that in a while you can make another request for it, just to copy it, promising to send it back to him if he wishes. Wait for a bit, because gradually, with Mgr de Teil’s direction, his Lordship will realise that he doesn’t need the document and that it has no value for the trial. Then perhaps he’ll cede it to you once and for all. Mgr de Teil hasn’t yet had time to write the Articles, without which we cannot do anything, not even conduct the trial in the diocese. He is currently in Rome, to have talks with the Postulator. He went especially for Thérèse and at the same time will attend the celebrations in honour of Joan of Arc. It really is a touching coincidence that Thérèse’s Cause is being dealt with just when Joan of Arc is being glorified.

Francis is going to Rome as well today. There was quite a scene at our uncle’s house due to this. Jeanne didn’t want to let him go. Uncle and Jeanne ganged up against us because, in passing, we had given Francis the idea of going to Rome. We’ve had huge problems because of this, and we had nothing to do with it. We suppose that, as Francis really wanted to go on this trip, instead of giving in as he usually does, he let his annoyance show and stood up to the opposition. At any rate, we were purely innocent bystanders, but God saw fit to let us suffer this little Cross.

We are also in trouble with Fr Prévost. He hasn’t fulfilled the engagements he once made in relation to the Holy Face. Of course, the priest isn’t acting against his conscience, but he takes on too much and as a result, he cannot meet all his obligations.

God has thankfully spared us by seeing to it that he wasn’t nominated postulator or vice postulator, because the Cause surely would have fallen through. Never repeat what I’m telling you now.

The number of miracles that our little Thérèse has performed is growing, so the devil is angry with us and making us feel his anger by tripping us up at every step. You don’t know how many trials and tribulations we’re going through. It seems that the devil is trying to irritate us in every way. And what’s more, our already huge workload is growing every day because of Thérèse. I don’t know how our Mother and Little Mother cope. Speaking of all these difficulties and aggravations, which my human nature rejects and I try to avoid if I possibly can, I was thinking the other day, as I reached the 2nd station of my Way of the Cross, that Jesus was burdened with the Cross and He certainly didn’t dig in His heels when confronted with it. Instead, He accepted it and made every necessary effort to lift it and carry it on His shoulder. This thought enlightened me. It did me a great deal of good and I took the resolution to try and imitate Jesus.

With my love, my darling, darling little sister.

Your Céline, Geneviève of St Teresa. u.c.n.