From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - August 5, 1909

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - August 5, 1909

+ Jesus                5th August 1909

Darling little sister,

Your little letter brought me great pleasure. Each year I look forward to my feast day because I can expect a letter from my beloved Léonie and some flowers from the Visitation. And these flowers mean a great deal to me because I know how much love was put into picking them.

I wanted to send you the medallions for 6th August, but I couldn’t keep my word. I personally don’t have any more. Our Mother will give me another one tomorrow; I can’t wait. You know that I was the one who designed them. It was 2 years ago that Fr Prévost asked me to make a model one. I had such trouble! I had an idea in my head and I wanted to convey it at all costs, but it wasn’t easy to create a Sun. Ultimately, we managed it. I also chose the texts, and I put all my heart into it. We had many disappointments. The first was spoiled by the artist (in terms of resemblance). Finally, after much patience and hard work on our part and on his, he produced something beautiful. In my opinion, these medallions leave nothing to be desired, and you know how difficult I am. They are a masterpiece in terms of their finish, and had the honour of winning an honorary prize at the exhibition in Holland.  

Alas, at the moment they still have nothing more than an artistic value. A large one is going to be given to the Pope and only then will the privileges come, but when? I have no idea. Unfortunately I don’t think that Fr Prévost is very popular anymore. And yet, his medal has already reached the courts, because King Manuel of Portugal has one that he always carries on him. I’m telling you this without any guarantee of it being true. I haven’t been to look!

They haven’t been blessed. They are selling well apparently, and are much admired. As for me, I think there’s a grace attached to the medallion, because you know that God is the supreme dispenser of indulgences, favours and graces, and how could He not hear His child imploring Him and saying, “Let Your Face shine upon me and have mercy on me. All my hope is in you, Lord!” Oh, then there are the dying sinner’s cries, “have mercy,” which open the gates of Paradise to him, whatever his faults may be. Is He not the One who has the power of general amnesty, which amounts to plenary indulgence? Therefore I imagine that whosoever wears this medallion will not be damned easily. How can someone who seeks God’s Face, to the point of wearing this medallion on them, be cast out of His sight? It’s impossible! They will be forgiven, because God said, “If my people seek my Face, I will forgive them.” And why would He not heal our country when “the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His rays”?

I don’t know whether you know the origin of the idea of having the Sun represent the Holy Face. Here it is:

One evening, a few months after Thérèse’s death, Little Mamma was very upset and wept because Thérèse’s manuscript was at the Bishopric, there was nothing but bad news, and the devil was up to no good and trying to thwart the work that was being accomplished in secret. That night she had a dream. She was alone with me in an open space and she saw a radiant sun rise majestically above the horizon. Soon it reached the heavenly heights, and hovered all alone in the immensity of the skies, and the Sun was: a Holy Face! The horizon was a reddish hue like an aurora. Suddenly she heard the whisper of words, like an untold melody, but she retained only this one word: “Patience!”

Eleven years have passed and you know what’s happening now: Thérèse will soon be raised to the altars and the Holy Face is casting its warm rays in order to heal hearts. O my Léonie, I’m telling you all my thoughts, but I imagine that devotion to the Holy Face will be the devotion that will mark the end of time, because it marks the beginning of devotion to the Sacred Heart. Jesus in His entirety, His soul and Heart, is recapitulated in His adorable Face. Through Him, we see the Father, since He said, “Those who have seen Me have seen the Father.” In this century of materialism, we need to see and touch to understand things, and Jesus helps us to understand His heart and touch it through His Face. The devotion to the Sacred Heart has reached its pinnacle and Jesus, pleased with His children, is showing Himself to them after two thousand years of hiding His Amiable Face! O delightful recompense, o sweet omen! What graces you have set aside for us in the Future!

But I’ll stop there; I don’t quite know what I’m saying. My pen is moving so fast that I’m making mistakes. I don’t know whether you’ll understand all these muddled thoughts. I don’t even have time to reread them. I wasn’t planning on telling you all this, but when I’m on the subject of the Holy Face, I’m like a train on well-oiled rails, and as there’s always sufficient heat in my poor little heart, the train begins moving without waiting for the driver, who makes sure it runs smoothly. I’ve dragged you onto this badly driven train today. Forgive me and don’t be afraid because if we derail while speaking about the Face of Jesus, we’ll unfailingly fall into His Heart.

I must quickly tell you the various messages. Little Mother thought she wrote right away to thank your excellent Mother for the parcel of documents, but of course, swamped as she is with work, she must have skipped it. But it’s not because she wasn’t pleased! We all were! I myself can’t read the account without weeping. It’s absolutely impossible to do otherwise. As for the doctor’s certificate, it’s quite irreproachable! We’re going to send it all to Mgr de Teil. Little Mother believes it’s one of the finest miracles we have. What would you say if it was used for the beatification and if you all appeared on a large painting in St Peter’s Basilica? I would like the Visitation miracle to be used because my Léonie would be named . . . and the Trappist Father’s miracle, since two are needed. It would be amusing to see all the greybeards!

All your novena intentions will receive the attention they deserve.

Thank you for the painting idea. Ask the dear Sister to pray for me, but I have a lot of work to get done before I do it!

And I haven’t yet given you news of our dearly beloved Sister. She has been no worse these past few days, but she still has a temperature. Without a miracle, she only has a few weeks left. We are most distraught.

I must quickly leave you. I send you a heartfelt kiss, your little sister

Geneviève of St Teresa


Excuse the scribble. Give my love to your Mothers, whom I cherish with you.