From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - September 16, 1909

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - September 16, 1909

+ Jesus                            16th September 1909

Darling little Léonie,

I was ever so upset when I realised I hadn’t sent you the photocopy you had asked me for (we’re preparing a little parcel and it will be in there)! To avoid starving our dear Marie of news, I gave her your letter as soon as I had read it, and she took it without giving it back to me, so I forgot your request. Oh, I’m so sorry! You should have asked for it sooner. Do so another time, please, because we have so many things on our minds that it won’t be the last time this happens. When you don’t receive what you ask for and we make no mention of it in our letters, it’s a bad sign. You see, we don’t want to refuse you anything to compensate you for the fact that you weren’t spoilt as a little child. Consider it said.  

To prove it, we sent the Bishop of Tripoli a book and a picture of the Holy Face in order to please you. It never usually does us any good to send something without having been requested it, because we give the impression of wanting to promote our publications. However, for you, we’ll happily do it. It’s too bad if his Lordship isn’t pleased!  

As for the authentic seals, we’ll write to you again about it, because apparently, we now need the vice postulator’s stamp so that, following the beatification, bishops can more easily issue authentic seals to people who request them. Once we have the vice postulator’s stamp, given in the name of the postulation office, bishops will be able to deliver them without prior examination. We are therefore trying to obtain Mgr de Teil’s stamp, and we’ll copy it like we did the stamp of our religious order. We’ll send you several of them, of his and ours, because you can never take too many precautions. Whatever you do, never cut up the tunic or the veil, in a word, anything in your possession that is intact. Your tunic is the only one that is whole; we only have one piece left. We’re also keeping valuable relics intact. Mgr de Teil even wants us to avoid, prior to the beatification, giving away anything but pieces of fabric that touched her clothes, because many of those that we give away now will ultimately be worth nothing. This is because the people receiving them won’t know what needs to be done, later on, to obtain the relics with the authentic seal of the bishopric.

And now, darling little sister, I recommend our uncle to your prayers, as he is sick. He has some sort of liver problem. He is in bed and is in a great deal of pain. He complains constantly, and is as yellow as wax. A specialist was called in, as Francis feared it was a tumour, but it’s not. In itself it’s not fatal, but it will be a long, drawn-out illness. Nevertheless, I imagine that God will call him to Him soon. (He died on the 28th of the same month.) We’ll let you know if there’s any news.

Burn this letter because of this information.

Your little sister, who loves you with her whole heart.

Sr Geneviève of St Teresa u.c.n. 

Give my love to your dear Mothers for me. Our Mother is still much the same. Ah, we are very distraught at the thought of the inevitable parting to come.

I don’t even pray that the Sacred Heart will reign and be crowned. I burnt my picture the other day. Believe it or not, sacrificing it was hard because I had put ever so much love into it.