From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - June 30, 1910

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - June 30, 1910

+ Jesus                               30th June 1910

Darling Léonie,

I wouldn’t normally write so soon after our Mother’s last letter, but Brother Hervé informed us he would visit us in the coming days and I don’t want him to go and see you without taking you a little message from your little sisters. It’s my turn to write and I’m very pleased about this. I can’t wait to tell you that I thought of my little Léonie a great deal on 3rd June. How could I ever forget my little companion in misfortune? Ah! I have a very special affection for you in my heart and I’m looking forward to seeing you in heaven.

I say in heaven, because like you, darling little sister, once I’ve testified for Thérèse, my only desire will be to fly away with her, without waiting for her to be glorified here below.

Canon Deslandes has gone to Rome to submit her Writings, he has written to say. The writings are now with the Chancellery of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. In his audience with the Holy Father, the Canon told him the purpose of his trip and, lifting his head, the Holy Father said, “Ah! That’s very good.” The Canon went down to the French College, where one of the directors is Consultant for the Sacred Congregation of Rites, and he gave him some very useful information relating to the Ordinary Process. These gentlemen and Fr Rodrigue discussed the Cause at length. As for what Pius X said, I think the Holy Father was being polite and I’m convinced that even if has heard the name of Thérèse, he doesn’t know of her personally. I don’t think he has read the book we offered him. But His Holiness will come to know her in time. Devotion to her is spreading fast in Italy, especially in the south following the Gallipoli miracle. Every day we receive a huge amount of mail relating healings, conversions and all kinds of other news. We could easily publish a very interesting periodical. This just shows you that our little Saint isn’t letting up her Shower of Roses. Her grave is very popular with visitors. Every time the Turn Sisters go to the cemetery, they see people there, and sometimes as many as 18 people at a time. The guardian of the cemetery says that on Sundays and Thursdays, he sees over 300 people pass. People put all sorts of things on her grave, even jewellery. There are many letters, candles, etc. Mgr de Teil reported that when he went there, there was, among other things, a letter from an officer asking for graces for his men, and a very touching letter from a seminarian. There are also doctors’ prescriptions, in short, all sorts of things. You must know that a little boy in our road was promptly cured of hip-joint disease. He was dying. We have a lovely certificate from a renowned doctor in Paris. We must pray hard that this cure is definitive. I’ve heard that there are some very touching details surrounding this miracle.

Concerning your testimony, while I think of it, if you quote long passages from your letters, you could copy down the passages you want to quote on court paper, and when the judges question you, you can hand the paper to them and they will add it to the trial evidence. This will save time, because if they have to write the passages down as you read them out, it will take a long time. Mgr de Teil says that we shouldn’t deprive the court of her best letters, because there are some lovely things in the Servant of God’s writings, and they wouldn’t feature in the trial if we didn’t add them in. The witness has the right to submit them and the judges must respect this right. If you only quote a few lines in support of your claims, the men can write them out themselves. It is better if they are copied out by you.

Now, darling little sister, have you heard about the wonderful miracle of conversion and healing that Our Lord worked at the Visitation in Paris? It’s amazing. We’ve read the account, because we have a good relationship with that monastery. There is also a legion of holy youths forming. Everyone is talking about it. In the coming days you will receive two little books from Ninette. Once you’ve read them, send them straight back to her at 126 Bd Pérère, Paris, to save us from paying the postage. The books are for your whole community. The Life of Gemma Galgani is absolutely extraordinary, but it reveals God’s hand. There are so many miraculous things happening at the moment that it’s striking. I think God has decided to save the world.  

We received a letter from Fr Lepelletier saying that he was delighted with your feast days and with the welcome he received. He said he was very interested in the account of your monastery’s founding.

What about the picture of Thérèse’s 1st Communion as she renews her baptismal vows? Have you heard about it? But of course you have, for we gave it to you. We’ve had some problems with this picture because it would be tricky for us to say we won’t sell it. To do so would be to disapprove it, and yet Mgr de Teil doesn’t want us to sell it. He wasn’t pleased. He says that the picture has no meaning. “Where’s Sr Thérèse message in there?” he asked. He wants us to produce only genuine documents. I feel sorry for the Sisters at the Abbey. They went to so much trouble.

Now Léonie, I’m going to send you my love. I haven’t talked about my little soul, but you can read it and I thought I’d rather give you some news that would interest you. Your little Sr who loves you

Sr Geneviève of St Teresa


Give your dear Mothers a kiss for me.

P.S. If you wish, we can send you more court paper. Tell us whether your eczema treatment worked and the address to write to. My little dressmaking companion is sick.  

Your little Brother came to see me. He said Mass in our chapel. I like him very much but he wasn’t going back to Caen so I’ll keep my letter until next time someone is going.