From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - July 23, 1910

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - July 23, 1910

+ Jesus                             23rd July 1910

Darling Léonie,

And what do we hear from Jeanne? That you’re sick; that you’ve been suffering from a spot of bronchitis like last year. Don’t even think about going to heaven before us. You know that I’d be jealous, because in our family the young will go with the old, and as I’m the youngest, I am the most unreasonable. I’ve been allotted my place already and I won’t let you take it from me.

Darling little sister, get well soon, because I don’t want to imagine you being even the slightest bit sick. Our hearts grew heavy as soon as we heard. We love you so much, darling Léonie. Oh, if only you knew what a special place you have in my heart. It’s a place that not even the greatest sovereign in heaven could take away!

Beloved sister, it’s not the moment to die. We’re living in extremely fortunate times. Listen to what I’m going to tell you. Because of Thérèse, we are in contact with some very important people. At the moment the great exorcist of France, Jesuit and successor of Rev. Fr de Haza is here. It is an important post. He told us about an exorcism on Maundy Thursday in which the devil was forced by the Bl. Virgin to reveal the following:

"Oh, your Virgin burns me so,” he said, “and the Heart of Christ is wide open. Oh, if only you could see! You don’t understand! He opens His heart immeasurably wide for men and asks no more of them than that they believe in His power and mercy. You see, I feel His heart is going to overflow and that He’s going to do something insane again. He wants to transform those He loves and is asking them to surrender themselves to Him.”

These are the devil’s exact words. I noted them down as the priest read from his notes, which secretaries transcribe during the exorcisms themselves. Isn’t what he says lovely? And it’s so consistent with the vision of Our Lord at the Visitation in Paris. What we’re currently seeing is amazing. God is going to make many saints and save the world.

This information was given to us in confidence, as one friend to another, and it mustn’t escape the walls of your monastery.

Our Mother has forbidden the Sisters from mentioning it in their letters.

O little Léonie, see how good it is to live to be favoured with so many graces! O, how I’d love to take advantage of these graces! Pray for me, darling little sister. I in turn think of you so very often!

With love and kisses

Your little sister Geneviève of St Teresa


Give my love to your dear Mothers for me.