From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - August 7, 1910

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - August 7, 1910

+ Jesus                                        7th August 1910

Beloved Léonie,

My heart is broken at the harrowing prospect that you have set before us. Oh, yes, broken! It hits me like a dart every time I think about it and I think about it very often.

However I won’t be the one to keep you on earth. Once you are dead, I’ll be happy to know that you’ve reached the shore and are no longer fighting on the stormy seas of this poor world. I wish that all of us were safe in the homeland and I envy the one who is chosen to leave first.

Going by appearances, it seems that you are the one being called. O Léonie, you are so fortunate! But you deserve it and I think that it’s only right that you should have primacy over us. What’s more, you won’t have the pain of seeing us die. We’ve always dreaded falling ill because we know that, with your delicate heart, you would be too distraught. Everything God does is good.

If you go before me, oh, don’t forget me up above, will you? Come for me quickly. You know that I’ve been your little companion in misfortune. This is a term that should win your affection and some special treatment.

I’m treasuring your letter and the little flowers you sent me for my feast day. You’ll understand that it was a very sad day this year.

My infinitely precious sister, take great care of yourself, because it should be through no fault of our own that we fail to recover. However don’t torture yourself. I consider it better to die a month earlier than to prolong life and endure cruel treatments. That’s my heart talking; your dear Mothers will be able to guide you.

O my darling sister, I love you more than I can say!

I send you a great big hug

Your very distraught little sister

Geneviève of St Teresa


It hasn’t been too hot this year, so my heels haven’t been painful.

I’m very happy that you are a Victim of Love. With this passport, you’ll go straight to heaven. And what glory will be yours for all eternity! It’s a glory that is not our own to give, but without which we couldn’t bring glory to Jesus. He is demonstrating how pleased He is by giving such magnificent glory to His little spouse and our sister.

I send you my love once more.

P.S .- written by Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart:

We think we’ll send you the portrait of Mother M. Ange that is in the Circular later, but we must wait until Sr Geneviève can do it because we only have a picture of her in a group. The one I’m sending you is indeed her, although she didn’t have a chubby face. It was her illness that made her put on weight. She became enormous at the beginning.

As for “Little Mother”, her portrait didn’t turn out well and the face you can see was taken from another photograph and fitted into this shot. Our dear Mother is happy to be able to send you this little surprise because she thinks that you’ll be pleased to have both pictures. Dear little sister, we love you so much that there’s no joy we would deny you.

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart.