From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - January 26, 1911

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - January 26, 1911

+ Jesus                     26th January 1911

Darling little sister,

I’ve come to wish you a happy feast day and you know what my wishes are for you. Ah, I wish you the same as what I wish for myself; perfect humility and simplicity, so that we might resemble our little sister in heaven.

There are yet more miracles to record, each more amazing than the last, and also visions. God really does have His Heart set on glorifying His little queen. He finds His joy in glorifying Himself by using miracles to accredit “the little way” that she came to reveal to the world. The other day,a Community chaplain, from Angers, I think, was talking about Gallipoli and said, “The miracles that Sr Thérèse is performing surpass what we usually see. This child surely has something to reveal to the world.” The dear priest was right.

A few days ago, Mgr de Teil sent us an edition of the newspaper “Argus de la Presse”, containing a superb article. It said that, having resolved to save us, the Lord came as a little child and that He is doing the same today. We might think that we are saved by one of our eminent prelates for example, but we are not. God has sent us a child, and that child is a young Carmelite, Sr Thérèse of the Child Jesus, etc. etc.

Eminent monks and University professors of dogma, as well as everyone who knows anything about doctrine, say that she will be the new Joan of Arc, and that she has been chosen by God to destroy modernism, Americanism, etc. Priests say that she has been sent for them, and that she will renew the clergy, etc. In short, dear little Léonie, it’s unbelievable, and yet it’s simply Jesus glorifying a little child’s simplicity, a child who, during her earthly existence, had no other ambition than to please Jesus and surrender herself to Him.

My darling, now that I’ve updated you a bit on what is being said, I’m going to tell you something. I wanted to tell you about Our Mother’s feast day and the gifts, but that will have to wait for another time. – We performed a play about Gallipoli that a Carmel wrote. It was touching.

Believe it or not, I saw Fr Domin the other day, and he brought me some ideas for paintings of Thérèse. This time they were worse than ever. They were veritable caricatures. I couldn’t help but tell him so, but he didn’t want to admit the truth. So I took extreme measures and wrote to Fr Dubosq, explaining the situation. His Lordship has been informed and he has warned the Abbey that all portraits should be produced by the Carmel, and that if the Abbey doesn’t want to adopt our portraits, it should go without! I don’t know what will come of this but we’re upset to think that Thérèse might be a source of difficulties for the Abbey. Yet I had to act at all costs.

This information is for you and your Mothers only, of course. As one of Fr Domin’s nieces is at the Visitation, I’d be very upset if she knew I had written to the bishopric. It’s to reassure you that I’ve told you this. Now I send you a thousand kisses, darling sister.

Your little Céline

Sr Geneviève of St Teresa