From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - December 26, 1911

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - December 26, 1911

+ Jesus                             26th December 1911

Darling little sister,

Another wonderful feast of Christmas is over. In the evening yesterday, beside the nativity scene, our Sisters performed the play that Thérèse wrote. Imagine my happiness. It’s the bunch of grapes that has fallen to me by inheritance. Is Jesus going to eat His little grapes? Ah, I think He’s going to play with them instead, then squash them and ultimately leave them on earth. The happiness of going to heaven is denied for the likes of me. Yet recently I had a lovely dream; it was the most encouraging dream I’ve had in my entire life. On the morning of Wednesday 8th November, I was with our Mother in the cloisters when, looking at the cloud-covered sky, I saw a break suddenly appear in the clouds, letting floods of light in through the open breach. In that chink of light, I saw Three People with their backs to me. They seemed to be conferring. Our Lord was the only one I recognised, and I didn’t know whether they were the earthly Trinity or the heavenly one. Almost simultaneously, further away in the sky, another break appeared in the clouds, revealing, again from the back, two little children holding hands, with beautiful golden ringlets bouncing about their necks. I thought, “It’s Thérèse and me. Yes, I am progressing well along the path of Childhood. One day I’ll be with her for all eternity.”  

Then I looked back at the first scene. O bliss! Jesus had turned around. He came to the edge of the cloud and held out his arms to me in a gesture of indescribable love and tenderness. His clothes were ablaze with light, and His heart was all radiant. Then I awoke.

You can understand, my Léonie, how encouraged I was by this dream. I think about it often. It inspires trust in me, tells me I’m loved up above, as I’ve always believed, and that the hour of my death will the most wonderful moment of my life. I assure you that, in my dream, there was no sign of purgatory for me!

But I’ll stop there, because I’ll end up boring you. Don’t worry, I won’t grow wings and fly up to Jesus. My task is still not finished, it would seem. Thérèse still needs me on earth. In the spring, we’re going to begin working on the Chapel. We’re going to place some altars in the nave by making a cove under each window, because there are too many pilgrims for just one altar.  

Later on, we’ll have to see to the large reliquary, and its position, as well as the body representing our little sister. In short, you can see that work is far from finished for the poor “artist”. God gave her a gift for these things and so she should very well work a full career.

Mrs Hassebroucq has been in Orleans for the past 6 weeks. She has had Germaine operated for an ear infection by a specialist. It was thought her ear wouldn’t recover, because the doctor left her with an already decayed little auditory ossicle so as to avoid leaving her deaf at the age of 15. The little bone therefore needed to be cleaned up. She’s fine now and will come back to us in a week’s time. Meanwhile, the 2 others stayed with Jeanne. They are keeping their distance from the Carmel. Marie is certainly not made for the Carmel, and Sabine is very eccentric.

I send my love, darling little sister, and wish you a happy New Year. Your little sister

Geneviève of St Teresa