From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - June 11, 1916

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - June 11, 1916

+ Jesus                                                                                                       11th June 1916

Darling little sister,

I thought of you on the 3rd and, during thanksgiving, I asked Jesus to shower you with graces. I would have liked to tell you this earlier, but I didn’t find the time.

Last week was spent in a blur of ceremonies. We had the Profession of Sr Marie of the Holy Spirit, whom you love and all of us love dearly, then there was the Reception of the Habit of Sr Jeanne of the Eucharist and the Reception of the Veil of Sr Marie of the H. Spirit. It was very tiring, but we’re so happy to offer new little spouses and fiancées to Jesus that the fatigue is forgotten and all we think about is His good pleasure.

I don’t know whether you have heard from Jeanne. “Little Marie”, whom you will remember, is staying with her as her female companion. Also, she’s bringing up her husband’s great niece, who seems very sweet (she’s Mrs Mouton’s great grand-child). So God is making sure she finds some joy amidst her trial.

As for poor Francis, I don’t think he realised how much pain he was causing us. He thought he was bringing God glory and fulfilling his duty. We cannot judge him, because God alone knows the attenuating circumstances of people’s imperfect actions. Moreover, we always believed that his behaviour was dictated by those around him. If he had been alone, we would have done what we wanted, because goodness was the basis of his character. It’s perhaps for this reason that he was taken to heaven; to avoid his prejudices further misleading his soul. At the moment, Jeanne is being very kind to us and we hope that we won’t go through any more rough patches in our relationship as a result of differences of opinions. There’s nothing like pain and sorrow to change one’s ways!

Goodbye, darling little sister. There goes the bell for complines. With lots of love from your little sister. Your little Céline,

Sr Geneviève of St Teresa u.c.n. 

What about the medicinal handbook? I offer my affectionate respects to your dear Mothers.