From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 18, 1916

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 18, 1916

+ Jesus                                                                                       18th November 1916

Darling little sister,

I’m just writing two lines to joyfully announce that a long-awaited desire of mine has been fulfilled.

Our Mother has permitted me to sign my name as Geneviève of the Holy Face from now on, because even though it’s the name from my profession formula, people called me “of St Teresa” to please our former Fr Superior, Fr Delatroëtte. Everyone here is very pleased. They say I’ve earnt it!! And because I painted the Holy Face, many people only ever call me this; those outside the convent don’t understand why I don’t call myself “of the Holy Face”. Fr Pichon and Francis, for example, could never call me anything else.

It doesn’t matter that I signed under a different name in the Process, because you must have noticed that in Rome, they muddle up all the names. For instance, they call me “Hélène”.

Little Léonie, I’m sure you’ll rejoice with me. I’m also sending you a group photo that I’ve enlarged. If you send back the 2 small photos, I’ll make them even more beautiful and more life-like, and free of flaws. Trust me.

Thank you for your lovely last letter. The bishop and Fr Dubosq are delighted with the 2 photos of “Thérèse and Céline” and “Thérèse at the age of 13”. They say it is “exquisite”. I think they mean the one of Thérèse. God will make me exquisite, too, but only in heaven. Ask Him to do this and to make me exquisite in His eyes, for Him alone.

With love and kisses from your little sister

Sr Geneviève of the Holy Face u.c.n.