From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - July 25, 1919

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - July 25, 1919

+ Jesus                                                                    Carmel of Lisieux

                                                                                  25th July 1919


Dear little Léonie,

Even though I’m very busy, as always, it is me writing you a little note. I hope it brings you comfort, like those that Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart writes, and I pray to dear little Thérèse that it might be the case.

I’m delighted to send you a photo of the Bl. Virgin’s crown. I’m also enclosing one of the statue crowned, so you can see how it looks. The Bl. Virgin looks lovely in it. Now we see her with her starry halo every day.

Darling little sister, why be sad? There really is no reason to be, because our goal, which is very close now, is heaven, where we’ll be reunited with all those dear to us.

Do you remember the little method I gave you, and which I myself use when I’m anxious? It entails telling Jesus that we are happy to feel sad unto death if it means that we can comfort Him and save souls for Him. I’ve discovered another method since: The meaning of little Thérèse’s words, “I shall not come across one flower without unpetalling it for You,” became clear to me and I now strive to be very faithful and not let any little sacrifices go by me. And this, I assure you, is a source of great peace and strength.

If I ever drop my guard, which, alas, happens often, I offer Him violets of humility and then set about my little duty again. Simply bravely setting back to work again gives me strength. As our Lord said to His apostles, “You are alreadycleanbecause of the word I have spokentoyou.” They had as yet done nothing to become clean. The same goes for us; goodwill alone allows us a share in the fruit of virtue.

We are sorry that you are being withdrawn from choir duty, because although tedious, it keeps one busy and breaks up the day, making it seem shorter. I understand that, without the Office, the days must seem very long to you. Alternatively, you could busy yourself with a duty that you would be happy to do. But all things considered, only virtue can help us abide life. I see Jeanne, out in the world, going to the coast and seeking entertainment everywhere and not finding any. The postulant, the parliament member’s daughter, stayed for a week. The “Little Way” might be published in 2 months.    

With an affectionate kiss from your little sister.

Sr Geneviève of the Holy Face u.c.n. 

Here’s an extract from the Imitation that is fitting for both you and me:

"Pay constant attention on your words, thoughts and feelings. Accomplishing even the lightest of duties and humblest of practices faithfully keeps you safe from great temptations and attracts blessings from heaven.” (Ch. 19, Bk 1, Reflections).  

P.S. written by Mother Agnes of Jesus:

Beloved little sister, I have no more than a minute because it’s the eve of our other round of elections. I thank you for your affectionate little letter. Oh, I love you very much and like you, I believe that your trials are purifying you so that one day you will go straight to heaven. So do as I do. It works extremely well when I can’t take things anymore. I say to God very simply, “O God, I’m in sore need of your help.” And He gives it to me.

Your little mother for always. Sr Agnes of Jesus

P.S. by Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart

Dear little sister, we’ll pray the 3 novenas on the requested dates. Very grateful for the offering, Our Mother is sending a little sachet of Thérèse’s hair for the patient.

M. of the S. Heart (with lots of love)

Our Mother is very well, and never has any kidney pain now.