From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 21, 1920

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 21, 1920

+ Jesus                                                       Carmel of Lisieux

                                                               21st November 1920


Darling Sister,

Here’s my little farewell note before Christmas. When this fine feast is once more upon us, we will have travelled a little more of the road leading us ever closer to heaven. I don’t think we have many miles left to go, and the beatification will be like a bell announcing to several of us that the long-awaited station has been reached or is very close.

In the meantime, it is important that we continue battling against our faults and we mustn’t think that, just because we are on the threshold of old age, the fight is over. The other day, I had quite a significant dream, which I’m going to tell you about.

Our Mother was leafing through a large Mass missal with me. Between the pages we saw a flattened, dried up snake, like the flowers we press. We didn’t pay any attention to it but, in contact with the air, it began to move a bit. Our Mother picked it up and threw it on the ground. Then, little by little, it gradually came to life, swelled up, and finally sat up on its tail, hissing at me with a three-forked tongue. After my initial fright, I kicked it, sending it rolling down into a hole that happened to be there.

When I woke up, I quickly realised the meaning of the dream and I didn’t need a Daniel to explain it.

I realised that the dried up snake bound in a mass-book was a symbol for our faults and passions. As long as we contain them there through vigilance and prayer, they are as good as dead and can do us no harm, but as soon as we give them the tiniest bit of leeway, they awaken, and if we give them a lot of leeway, they become as strong and dangerous as before.

Yes, darling Léonie, I can feel it; my snake won’t die until I do, and it might even outlive me! That is why I must always “watch and pray”, and always be on my guard.

Do you like my little story? Let me know whether you are more fortunate than me and have wrung your snake’s neck once and for all.

We are having a double Profession on the 24th for two perfect recruits. I enjoy seeing Jesus’ nuptials and His fiancées preparing for the celebration. I haven’t worn my finery in many years; I am very much in working clothes, with callous hands and unkempt hair (in the figurative sense). But that doesn’t matter. Many things come out of my workshop for Jesus. “True merit is recognised when one’s back is against the wall.” It is hardly during the wedding that the spouses can truly appreciate each other.

Goodbye, little Léonie. I love you with all my heart and send you lots of kisses.

Sr Geneviève of the Holy Face


A Jesuit priest has written to us from Chile saying that a lady has had 2 little twins and has named one of them Therese and the other Celine. Are you pleased with our Mr de Bercegol?