From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 17, 1930

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 17, 1930

+ Jesus                                                                  Carmel of Lisieux 17th November 1930

Dear little Sister,

I’m advancing “Advent” and writing you my farewell note before Christmas, because I’d like an answer from you before we lapse into silence. It’s about the Liturgical Year. Is it you, little Léonie, who has the volumes that we used at Les Buissonnets? If so, I’m writing on behalf of our Mother to ask you to kindly exchange them for some new ones, which we’ll give you. Like in the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp in A Thousand and One Nights, we’d like to exchange some fine things for old ones! It’s an odd trade but we can’t do otherwise and here’s why:

You know that we are decorating the pavilion. The ground floor will house some period keepsakes; Papa’s fishing line, straw bench, our dear father’s desk chair and the large bronze-edged game table. The latter is going to present certain objects, and the ones that could best educate pilgrims on a Christian family’s lifestyle would be the volumes of the Liturgical Year. And as we are only displaying keepsakes, I can’t exhibit new ones.

It is in the interest of our little saint’s Cause, and therefore God’s Cause, that I’m asking this sacrifice of the dear Visitation. If your volumes are bound, we will replace them with bound ones. We used to have "L'Histoire du Peuple de Dieu" [“The Story of God’s People”] in several booklets but it must have been given away; we can’t find it anywhere, either at Jeanne’s or here.

The little pilgrimage site at the Pavilion is going to be interesting. As soon as I have photos of it, I’ll send them to you, but it’s not finished yet. We have built a little lodge at the entrance for two Sisters from the Oblates of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus, founded by Rev. Fr Martin. The Mother Superior will replace them as she sees fit. Later on, when the crypt of the basilica opens, we’ll have 6 or 8 of these young nuns serving the sacristy. The 2 Sisters from Alençon will be easily replaced from this post in Lisieux. The arrangement is ideal. Don’t tell anyone about it yet, as the Bishop of Séez hasn’t been informed yet and he must hear it from our Mother.  

Though transformed, the garden still has the old walnut and pine tree in it. The Virgin of the Smile statue has been placed in a niche at the end, with the statue of Thérèse sitting down on the lawn in the centre. At the entrance porch is a statue of our saint in a standing position, and embedded in the inside of the wall is our mother’s gravestone. It will be interesting and touching.

Goodbye, darling little sister. I look forward to receiving your answer about the books. I send all my love.

Your little sister

Sr Geneviève of the Holy Face

u. c. n.