From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 16, 1933

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 16, 1933

+ Jesus                                                                Carmel of Lisieux 16th April 1933


                                                   Dear little sister,

I want to tell you first of all that I thought of my Léonie on the 11th. I am like her, I don’t forget dates that are important to the people I hold dear. I could say “the women”, because the only people that are really dear to me are my three little sisters. Oh, how I look forward to the day when the whole family is reunited in heaven! It can’t be long now.

In the meantime, life goes on. It is strewn with trials, but the number of graces is greater, because even the trails are not without graces.

At the moment, as I’m writing to you, I can hear the Basilica bell ringing. Little Thérèse is calling the pilgrims on the hill, her hill, which is a highly prized location for prayer, so I’ve heard. At this time of year, it looks magical. Everything is in bloom and the slopes are a spring dream. During Holy week, there were some lovely services celebrated in the Crypt with the help of a special and renowned choir. The young altar boys have a special uniform; it’s a white robe, like a miniature friar’s habit, with a cross on it decorated with 13 of our saint’s medallions. The string of the cross (like the cord worn by a Canon) is brown and the belt is brown as well, evoking the Carmelite habits. It is said they look delightful. Today they are going to be photographed and we’ll send you a copy.

On the 6th, we had the Reception of the Habit ceremony for the Oblates of St Thérèse of the Child Jesus. It was very touching and the ceremony went perfectly smoothly. The little Congregation is very promising. When certain old branches look withered, God helps new ones to germinate, ones that are full of sap and which, after having flourished in a diocese, are sent to the ends of the earth to blossom. I believe that the Oblates of Saint Thérèse are in that number. Seeing the throng of Virgins consecrating themselves to God, I thought of Solange, whom we thought was called to this life of perfection but has committed herself to marriage like a butterfly flies towards the flame, without knowing where it will lead. I wouldn’t say this if I thought she had made her decision carefully and after consulting her spiritual director, because the vocation of marriage is also blessed by the Lord. Oh, I’m so happy that He called me, though I am an unworthy creature! I believe that if He hadn’t called me, and hadn’t helped me follow His calling, then I would have died of regret. Yet we all belong to Him; He took the nest in His hand and didn’t reject any of its little fledglings.

I love you and send you a heartfelt kiss, darling little sister

Sr Geneviève of the Holy Face

u. c. n.