From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 12, 1936

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - April 12, 1936

J. + M.

P.C.                                                                                Carmel of Lisieux 12th April 1936

                                                                                                        Easter Day!

Dearest little sister,

My heart turns to you as we emerge from Lent and enter the joy of Easter, its ineffable conclusion! So many times have we been reunited on this day! How many times will we be reunited once more? Not many, surely. This month I’m going to turn 67 years old. That’s saying something. In 3 years, I’ll be 70. At that age, life is over and what follows is merely a bonus. The jar overflows, but not for long. Oh, what bliss!

Darling little sister, I’m glad you liked my pious picture of the risen Jesus and that you appreciate it, because I like it very much, and Thérèse liked it too. The statue we have of it dates from her time. It is about a metre tall and each year we use it as a station during our procession before Mass on Easter Day. The novices place it on an altar and lay the shroud and burial clothes on the ground. There is incense, red electric lamps and so on; it’s very pretty. We even used to drape fake paper rocks around. I was the one who painted them and photographed the scene two or three years ago.

Now that I’ve told you the statue’s history, I’m going to talk about something else. Did I tell you what was written in the telegram that I received from Rome the day before 24th February, for my fortieth anniversary? If not, I’ll copy it down for you next time. It was an “official telegram”, if you please, signed by Cardinal Pacelli! We have dear Mgr Natucci to thank for it. It was all his own idea. Our Mother was as surprised as I was. If only you knew what a good friend he is! We haven’t had a friend like him in Rome since Cardinal Vico. We love him dearly, as though he were family. We cannot thank God enough for the blessing he represents. No doubt He esteemed that we needed someone in Rome itself who could show us heartfelt and total devotion.    

Dom Mayeul, on the other hand, seems to be angry with us again. Our Mother deemed it fit to reply to a letter that he wrote to us two or three months ago and say what she thought. He didn’t take it well, without a doubt. I can only advise you to keep your distance and not to trust him. He is not at all of the same mould as us. May God keep him under His guard!

Dear little Léonie, as Sr Marie of the S.H. told us that she would talk to you about spiritual things, I thought I would do well to give you a bit of news. And now I send you all my love. Your little

Sister Geneviève of the Holy Face u.c.n.