From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Mrs Guerin – November 18, 1899

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Mrs Guerin – November 18, 1899

J.M.J.T.                                           18th 9ber 99

+ Jesus

                                         Darling Aunt,

   Long live St Elizabeth, to whom we owe this happy day every year! And long live my beloved Godmother, who like the good saint always comes with not only her skirts but also her heart filled with beautiful roses for all her family.

Oh, yes! Her roses of motherly affection and kindness are beautiful indeed and their scent is very sweet. So in order to reward the “new St Elizabeth”, God’s elect with little Thérèse at their head are preparing a host of wonders in heaven. There, flowerbeds of matchless beauty are being planted by little angels. Seeds are planted in abundance, and flowers germinate. There are so many flowers that there are not enough angels to pick them and help is sought from the Saints. Then, the angels produce beautiful and immortal bouquets. One day (as late as possible, but one day all the same!) when our darling Aunt makes her triumphant entrance into the Homeland, God will show her all these bouquets and, in her humility, she will say, “But I haven’t earned all these merits.” Our Lord will reply, “When you lavished your family with care and attention, and continually sowed flowers where their feet passed in the darkness of life’s exile, My elect and My angels repaid you in heaven, and so now, all this is yours.”

   What was I saying? Forgive me, dear Aunt. I’ve come back to earth now, and to tell you that I love you very much. You’ll see proof of it in this little painting, which I did with my heart rather than my brush. To make you laugh, I’ve enclosed a sketch from 1894.

   The bell for Matins is going to ring, so I’ll be quick. Yet in the family circle where I make my appearance, I leave not my sandal like Cinderella, but my heart. Your little girl sends all her love. Half of it belongs to my dear uncle, and a fair share belongs to Jeanne and Francis, not forgetting Grandmamma, and yet it all belongs to everyone.

   With love and kisses from your respectful little girl.

                     Sr Geneviève of St Teresa

                                    unw. c. nun