From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Isidore Guerin – April 3, 1905

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Isidore Guerin – April 3, 1905

                                                J.M.J.T.                                          3rd April 05

+ Jesus

                     Darling Uncle,

  Again this year, all your little children are here to wish you a happy feast day. Oh, it’s with their whole heart that they offer you their best wishes. May God grant you many more feast days here below! After all, dear Uncle, you are our support, father, protector, and precious link to the past.

In honour of our second father, little Marie wanted to have a feast, and at noon I saw a big golden apple covered in sugar and still steaming being taken up to her. It looked really tempting.

   The poor darling has many sacrifices to make, but she is made of stern stuff. When I’m sick, I ask only one thing, and that is to be as patient and as resigned as she is.

  I said earlier that all your children are here and it’s true. Even when part of the family is gone, we’ll still all be together. That is what happens when the queen of all our feast days, my darling aunt, is in heaven, with Thérèse our little Benjamin. Even though they have gone to a different, seemingly far away country, they are still very close by. They are not absent; they are here, sharing in our joys and drying all our tears. Only a very thin veil now separates us from those we loved for the very short duration of life. They can see this, and it gives them the strength to let us continue fighting in the arena. If they couldn’t see any advantage in it for us, or for God’s glory, they wouldn’t withstand it and they would come for us quickly.

Darling Uncle and Father, I love you with all my heart. I wish you a happy feast day and tomorrow my Communion will be for you.

Give my love to Jeanne, and also to dear Francis, whom I’d like to comfort. I send you thousands of kisses

     Your little girl

       Geneviève of St T.