From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Francis and Jeanne La Neele – March 27, 1905

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Francis and Jeanne La Neele – March 27, 1905

                           J.M.J.T.                                           27th March 05

Jesus +

                         Dear Francis,

       Our Mother has just told us the sad news. I know this will be a deep blow to your heart [His sister, Marie Louise Françoise, wife of Jacques Mouton, died in Lisieux on 27th March 1905 aged 62]. Yet, beloved brother, I think that we who possess such deeply rooted faith and, above all, love for God, should in fact rejoice when one of us leaves this miserable earth and reaches the shores of heaven. It is those who remain behind who are to be pitied, not those who leave it. The Church never celebrates the day its children are born because it is a day of mourning in a sense, but it celebrates the day they die, calling it a “birth” because, for Saints, it’s a day of triumph; it’s the day they enter into eternal life.

   Dear Francis, do not fear, you are not alone on earth. You have a family who loves you with all their heart, as much as if we had always known you, as if we were born in the same house. Yes, you have little sisters who cherish you very deeply and very dearly, now and forever.

   Rest assured, Francis, I will pray for your loved one even though I believe she is already enjoying beatitude, for she suffered so much on earth that her purgatory must be over, and people of simple heart like her are judged ever so kindly!

   I send all my love to you, beloved brother, and to my dear little Jeanne, for she too has lost a beloved sister and will suffer sorely to see you upset

                           Your little sister

                           Geneviève of St Teresa