From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Francis and Jeanne La Neele – September 28, 1909

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Francis and Jeanne La Neele – September 28, 1909

Jesus +                                                                           28th 7ber 09

               Dear little Jeanne and dear Francis,

   It is amid tears that I write to you and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to finish my letter, because I’m having great trouble holding my pen.

   Our dear Uncle has gone, then, to swell the ranks of our beloved family awaiting us in heaven. The rest of us weep, but our Aunt is extremely happy, as is little Marie and Thérèse and Papa and Mamma. Ah, what a warm welcome he must have received up above!

   These past days and nights, I’ve thought about nothing but him and, going over all his good deeds in my mind, I envisaged him preceded by all these good turns and I was religiously proud. They included Nocturnal Adoration, the little lamp beside the Holy Face that he kept alight for so long at the church of St Pierre, the newspaper he looked after so devotedly at the expense of his respite, the schools, the poor, and all the deprived orphans and widows whom he helped by managing their money. I can still remember the problems he had with Mrs Renier, Fr Catel, etc., etc. Nothing tired him and nothing deterred him. Oh, how the dear Saint is being rewarded for all of that now!

Then there’s the devotion and fatherly affection he showed to us and to Papa. In short, there’s no end to his good deeds. And now it’s time for his reward. And to think that we wanted to brush him aside.

   O Jeanne, o Francis, my love for you has been so very strong these past few days, and I’ve been one with you, because you represented us before our father, the one whom I dearly love and cherish in my heart. But if only you knew how anxious we’ve been, and how cruel the Rule seems at moments such as these. No, I’ll take that back, nothing of what we do for God is cruel, but it’s very difficult at times.

My brother and little sister, I’d like to comfort you, but I need comforting myself and I don’t know how to go about it. You can be certain that, in us, you’ll always have affectionate and devoted sisters in every sense of the word, and you in turn are now the only family we have here below, and are all that we love on earth.

May God bless you. You, too, are worthy children of such a father, because you showed admirable devotion by leaving Caen to be near him and by bringing him joy every day. I send you a heartfelt kiss. Your poor and very distraught little sister

                                            Geneviève of St Teresa, u.c.n.