From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – October 6, 1913

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – October 6, 1913

Jesus +                                                                                              6th Oct. 13

                                 Darling little Jeanne,

   Thank you so much for the 290 f. corresponding to the price of the machine. It is bringing me great pleasure. I assure you, you have made me a happy Carmelite, and it touched me so much that you were the one who gave me the gift. Thank you, darling little sister.

   I’m currently feeling quite despondent. I thought that the work on Les Buissonnets was finished, but it turns out there is a door to put in here, and some louvered shutters to plane there. There’s no peace to be had in this life. Still, all this will pass, but I don’t think there’ll ever be any rest on earth for either me or our Mother, because now Mother Sub-Prioress, her right arm, is sick. Her temperature is 38.9° this evening. I imagine that she will die this time. She has fulfilled her mission for little Thérèse, it seems, since it is better that she rests now and doesn’t move about. It’s never my turn! Yet I, too, have finished all my portraits; I’ve unwound my little cocoon. What’s more, I’m not strong anymore and I don’t think I’ll draw again, because I’d have to work standing up and I can no longer stay upright for long.    

Dear little Jeanne, I see that I’m singing the same old tune about dying again. Forgive me, and believe that at this moment your little Céline is very grateful to you. Your letter, too, brought me great pleasure.

I send all my love to you and Francis

                                 Your little sister

                           Sr Geneviève of St Teresa