From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – March 28, 1916

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – March 28, 1916

+ Jesus                                                                                             28th March 1916

                           Dear little sister,

   I can’t tell you the effect that Francis’s will has had on us, particularly when we saw that he called us his little sisters and counted us among those he loved here below. What a beautiful soul he had! We can certainly say that he was too worthy of earth with all its prejudices and the foul air that we breathe in this world. How happy he must be now!

The miracle that took place at Thérèse’s grave on the 23rd profoundly struck us, especially given that, in the morning, Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart had asked Francis for proof that he loved us. Consequently, this sign, with all its touching coincidences, was lovely to see.

Also on the 23rd, Sr Jeanne-Marie, who is a Lay-Sister and a little saint, asked Thérèse to tell her whether Francis would protect us, and her kitchen was filled with the scent of incense.

Dearest little sister, all this is immensely comforting for those of us left in exile, and it must be lovely for you to see how much your Francis loved you, and to have obtained signs of his protection.

   Our last conversation with you edified us greatly. We felt that Francis was by your side to strengthen you, because it’s impossible to be so calm and to act in the truth as you are doing without a very, very great grace, one that can only come from above.

   The fact that you are continuing to take care of our affairs at such a time touches us deeply as well. Do not fear, Francis will help us and if we should lose something out of it, it won’t matter to us, or if it does, it will mean that we will benefit from the difficulty. Nothing is important here below except becoming saints. You are well on the way, little Jeanne. Oh, the words that you quoted from our aunt are very beautiful and you, too, have a very profound soul.

Concerning your little scapular, you would do better to send us your old one and we’ll make you another. This way, we’ll be sure you like it in every way. Concerning the money, we’ll see what his Lordship says. He is coming next Wednesday and he’ll bring the subject up. We’ll pray to Francis and the will of God will surely prevail. We have no way of knowing His will on earth other than by obeying our Superiors. If, by obeying, we happen to take a wrong turn, God has no choice but to turn us around, even if it takes a miracle.

Goodbye, darling little sister. All three of us send you the fondest of kisses

                                           Sr Geneviève of St Teresa


Do not fear, we’re praying for dear Francis, but when I think of him, these words always spring to mind:

“Heureux qui dès son enfance                [Extract from a French hymn:] “Blessed is he who, since his childhood,

soumis aux lois du Seigneur                                                                        Has obeyed the laws of the Lord,

N'a pas avec l'innocence                                                                                         And with his innocence has not lost

Perdu la paix de son cœur.”                                                                           The peace in his heart.”