From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – December 24, 1917

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – December 24, 1917

+ Jesus                                                                             24th Xber 17

                         Dear little sister,

   Our Mother will tell you how touched we are by your sisterly kindness. I’m writing merely about the living-room furniture.

If it could be used as altar furniture; it would certainly look beautiful, but for priests, and even Cardinals, I think the pieces are too luxurious and too delicate to be in a church.

What would please us enormously would be to have the splendid living-room table. It would be placed in the Keepsake Room that we’re planning, and would display Thérèse’s most precious reliquaries. I don’t think that we could pay a better tribute to her and I believe that Uncle would be pleased with this solution. As you said, to display objects, we would need beautiful tables, side tables or little pedestal tables. If nobody gives us any, we will put cloths over some less pretty tables. We will always be able to find a use for the red hangings from the living-room and the prie-Dieu, whatever colour they may be.

   Thank you, much-loved and dearly cherished sister. May God bless you and take us all to heaven soon, all together!